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Chassis Modifiers and Engines

(Wyldfire, August 6 2009, # 186)

When purchasing a new engine for your vehicle, chassis multipliers apply when buying a separate engine. In other words, your jet engine is going to cost more than the lawnmower engine on your go-cart drone.

Cleaning A Stolen Vehicle

(Vulcan, January 26 2010, #223)

To 'clean' a stolen car and make it drivable on city streets without being pulled over for a being a stolen car, you need to Sanitize it.

A skilled mechanic and electronics expert with access to a full vehicular facility and a vehicular electronics shop (Either a full shop or facility, or a specialized electronics shop) can 'Sanitize' a standard car, truck or motorcycles. This ruling does NOT cover custom vehicles, exceptional vehicles, aircraft or military vehicles.

Step One:
Vehicle BR roll at TN 6 base. +2 for luxury or rare cars, -1 for economy or common cars.

Step Two:
Electronics BR test at Base TN 6. +2 for luxury or rare cars, -1 for economy or common cars.

The base time is 40 hours. The cost for the parts involved is 10 percent of the vehicle base cost, including SI.

This is not perfect, and only covers a once over by the police. An in depth examination will uncover the illicit nature of the vehicle. This is not a substitute system for buying legal vehicles. It is not suggested these vehicles be taken through security check points or otherwise used for noticeable activities.

Dikote and Vehicle Armor

(Wyldfire, October 18 2001 , # 3)

According to Craig, Dikote does *not* avoid the 'x2' multiplier for vehicle armor to determine whether something can penetrate. Dikoted weapons are not considered to be anti-vehicular.

Drones in Melee Combat

(Terminus-Est, March 6 2005, # 66)

Anthroform Drones use normal Melee rules, with Pilot rating or Melee skill of jacked-in rigger as appropriate, soaking with body and gaining bonuses from vehicle armor as appropriate.

Non Anthroform Drones or Non-drone vehicles do not get a counter roll and must simply soak the damage from the melee weapon with armor as appropriate.

Engine Customization

(Numb, May 3 2010, #247)

The wording isn't entirely clear on this particular Rigger 3 Revised entry for Engine customization, but when it says 'one full level' of speed increase is possible, it is only to your vehicles 'max', which is current speed times 1.5. That is your actual max, not the +30 given by the mod. So if your max speed increase is less than the base +30 speed given by the mod, you can only raise it to the max your vehicle allows, and not the full amount.

Lifestyles and Vehicles

(Wyldfire, March 24 2009, # 96)

In some cases, prepaid lifestyle can also be used to purchase vehicles. This has been allowed, and admins may make exceptions for vehicles with significant 'combat stats' since those are more 'gear' than 'vehicles'.

Trailer Homes

(Wyldfire, April 27 2005, # 69)

When purchasing a mobile home, a player may live in it. However, they must either buy land of some sort for it to stay at or pay low lifestyle costs to represent recurring costs (lot rental fees, etc). Their 'actual' lifestyle can be higher than that based on the amenities of the trailer.

Renting a trailer costs 500 =Y= per month. Or one can be purchased, paying the 0.1x unfinished multiplier (typically, gas/water/sewer/electrical/matrix hookups double the latter cost). The actual lifestyle the person has depends on the furnishings of the trailer.

Vehicle Parts

(Captain Vimes, July 12 2009, # 157)

Parts to repair vehicles are still subject to standard gear-purchasing rules. They can be purchased legally, with the standard -2 to etiquette tn, and <vehicle> b/r -can- be used in place of etiquette. however, UNLESS they are being bought legally, the parts still require a contact and a negotiation test.

Vehicle Size Requirements

(Vulcan, April 13 2012, #297)

Occasionally we get asked 'how much space does a vehicle take inside another vehicle?'. This is the chart we use for that measurement.

Storage is specifically not being used, unable to be 'launched' easy, you have to squeeze in a window or go through a sunroof to get in.

Maintenance is the ability to use the vehicle freely or work on it. Plus shop is included because shop sizes do not include the vehicle being worked on.

Vehicle Size Reference Storage Maintenance
Bike 2.0*1.5*2.0SQM 60 CF 100 CF + shop
SubCompact 3.0*3.0*3.0SQM 230 CF 500 CF + shop
Sand buggy 3.0*3.5*3.0SQM 252 CF 550 CF + shop
Sports Car 3.0*3.5*3.5SQM 294 CF 600 CF + shop
Sedan 3.5*3.5*3.5SQM 343 CF 700 CF + shop
SUV 4.0*4.0*3.5SQM 448 CF 900 CF + shop
Van 5.0*5.0*4.0SQM 800 CF 1600 CF + shop
Limousine 6.0*3.5*6.0SQM 1008 CF 2100 CF + shop
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