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Active Skillsoft

(Gryphon, July 9 2009, # 153)

The 'Computer' skill and all other active skills require appropriately rated skillwires to function from a skillsoft, regardless of how the skill itself works ICly or OOCly.

Anabolic Steroids

(Kater, January 19 2002, # 11)

For improved training results with anabolic steroids, a dose of the stuff has to be taken every second day of training. This ruling was made to clarify the 'large doses', p.117 M&M

Bone Lacing Melee Bonus

(Gryphon, March 6 2010, #230)

Bone Lacing does not grant any damage bonus to weapon-based attacks: Hand Razors, Hand Blades, Cyber Spurs, Foot Anchors, Retractable Climbing Claws, Fangs, or Horns. If the attack is with a weapon of any kind, the bonus from Bone Lacing does not stack. The bonus does apply if wearing Hardliner Gloves or Steel Toed Boots however, as these are still 'unarmed' attacks. If the equipment involved in the attack could not be used with Brawling, it cannot apply, is the basic rubric in place here.

Contact Specializations for 'Ware

(Gryphon, Jan 28 2011, #270)

Cyberware/Bioware count as 'Specific' contacts for the purposes of +hr general gear.

To gain 'Speciality' level bonuses, it must be further specified which sub-category of Cyber/Bio the contact applies to, such as Bodyware, or Cyberlimbs, or Cultured for bioware.

Further, the 'Cultured' specialization for Bioware does *NOT* apply to the essence-reduction upgrade to 'Basic' bioware. All forms of 'Basic' bioware are handled by a 'Basic Bioware' contact, regardless of upgrades or rating.

Container Ware and Modifiers

(Captain Vimes, May 10 2011, #276)

When installing something inside of container ware (cybereyes, cyberears, and cyberlimbs, etc.), the bioware tn modifier (+ BI/2) does not apply, unless the installed item begins to exceed the 'free essence' in the container.

Cultured Bioware Used, Fenced or Resold

(Pith, September 28 2011, #284)

Cultured bioware may not be acquired used. It may also not be fenced or resold once used as it must be tailored to the individual. Please see Used Bioware on page 77 of Man and Machine for additional details.

Cyber mods and Single Cyber Eyes

(Vulcan, December 20 2011, #286)

As of this time, I am ruling that vision magnification, simsense and other 'sensory emersion' wares do not function with singular eyes, as the visual input would create too great a distortion to be useful to any runner. Additionally, Superflash requires two eyes to function properly. It's designed as part of a set, and a singular eye would not operate properly.


(Mirage, October 2 2011, #285)

Just to clarify, as the books do not directly cover this, at least as far as is easily determined: Cyberguns use the weapon skill for a standard version of that weapon, not cyberimplant combat.

Dermal Ruthenium and External Armor

(Wyldfire, February 18 2010, #227)

The question of how dermal ruthenium and external ruthenium stack together has arisen a few times. In short, here are the guidelines.

1. As stated in the book, dermal sheath ruthenium functions under DNI control, allowing the user to mentally control the appearance of their skin.

2. If scanners are implanted for dermal ruthenium, then those scanners can be linked to external scanners via a datajack. No router is required. If a regular datajack is used, cabling considerations are not important; it is assumed the armor can be chained and linked without worry about interconnections. An induction datajack may be used to avoid requiring a cable. Scanners interconnected in such a fashion stack with one another.

3. External armor that is linked via one of the above methods will function with the scanners unmodified.

4. To make external armor function under DNI control, both for activation and to enable appearance changes similar to that of dermal ruthenium, each piece of armor must be DNI adapted and connected by one of the above methods. The cost of the DNI adaptation is set at 15K =Y= per armor item. The armor must also have a ruthenium coating.

5. The placement of scanners is not specified in the book; therefore, it is assumed that the scanners are placed in such a way that armor does not 'block' them.

Dermal Sheath and Dermal Plating

(Pith, October 2 2070, #260)

Dermal Sheath and Dermal Plating may not be combined. A dermal sheath is an advanced form of dermal plating with a semi-synthetic skin sheath. (Meaning if you have a dermal sheath you already have dermal plating).

Doctors and Clinics

(Mojo, March 22 2012, #295)

Clinics are not going to give you free reign of thier facilities for 24 hours a day. At the most your going to get your 10 hours workingtime if you have a sleep regulator or sustanince power. This means you cannot do more than 10 hours worth of surgery per day. This also means, you must COMPLETE the surgeries within 10 hours. That means two 4 hour surgeries and then you have to stop, you can't start a 6 hour surgery with just 2 hours left that day. You don't cut someone open and leave them there all night.

NPC doctors work 8 hours max a day. This means if you have a bunch of surgeries to do, they must start and finish within that 8 hours per day. The doctor may only end up working 3 hours per day for 10 days if you have 10 small surgeries, in fact, this is better!

The extra procedure TN modifier applies to THAT day only. If you do two surgeries in your 8 hours, your second surgery suffers a +1 TN. If you do one surgery per day, you will not suffer the modifier for extra procedures.

Drug Vectors and Injection

(Wyldfire, July 9 2009, # 148)

Drugs that normally have a contact/inhalation/ingestion vector can be administered through injection. The addition factor of the drug increases by 1 when administered in this fashion, and the fix factor is reduced to one half of the base value.

The other vectors are designed to get the drug into the blood, ultimately, so going directly should work. It may need to be a slightly modified form of the drug (which should be obtainable at the normal TN and availability) to have, say, a different set of inert ingredients suitable for injection, and in some cases the dosage may be smaller (no, this does not mean you can buy one normal dose and subdivide it).

GMs may reserve the right not to permit this for certain drugs for which it does not make any sense at all (e.g. a topical healing salve).

Essence Cost Reduction and Betaware

(Wyldfire, September 9 2005, # 74)

A question arose of how the 'betaware' essence discount stacks with 'Cyberware Essence Reduction' surgical mods. The question was specifically about an item with a 'base' essence cost of 1.5.

The 'grade' of the cyberware isn't an 'essence cost reduction' of a similar type. So in other words, it doesn't stack in an 'additive' fashion. If you get a ten percent reduction in the 'essence cost of the cyberware', that should be a ten-percent reduction in the cost of the 'ware (including its grade). In other words, the grade gets factored in, and *THEN* you get a ten percent discount off that.

1.5 (base cost) * 0.6 (betaware multiplier) * 0.9 (your two stacked Reduced Essence Cost) discounts. 0.81 is what this should cost.

The whole argument hinges on the definition of 'similar' adjustments. My personal take is that 'similar' doesn't include grade reductions, as those have to do with the implant itself.

Essence Holes

(Wyldfire, April 29 2005, # 70)

Shadowrun Denver does not enforce 'essence holes'. This means that if you install a piece of cyberware and then remove it later (or replace it with an item costing less essence), the player gets the extra essence back immediately. There is no 'essence hole' remaining. This also applies to the Awakened, and *will* affect their magic. In effect, this means that bioware and cyberware both have the same (effective) in-game effects on magic.

Headware Radio and Encryption

(Greyhymn, August 12 2002, # 19)

I made the judgment that a player could have encryption installed with a headware radio in chargen as per the standard broadcast encryption prices on page 290 of the SR3 corebook without additional essence cost. My justification is that the encryption would be a built-in part of the headware radio set as a software program of sorts, and would not directly add to the radio's footprint and thus effect on the runner's health.

Induction Jacks and Smartlinks

(Mojo, February 22 2012, #293)

It is possible to use an Induction Jack on the hand instead of an induction pad to link up with a smartlink. Since the gun itself must be setup for an induction jack instead of a pad, we will reflect this customization by simply requiring players to include a Personal Safety System on the weapon.

Knowsofts and Memory

(Myxril, December 5 2005, # 78)

Punchen & Co have been using 1 Knowsoft amongst a group for tasks simultaneously. This is by means of chipjack, piped through datajack+knowsoft link or accessed from headware memory. SR3.295 has the full details. This is just a clarification and reference to a rules-kosher situation.

Microtronic Vision

(Vulcan, July 19 2009, # 167)

Microtronic vision applies in cases only where microscopic levels of detail would be necessary, such as electronics work or surgery. Gunsmithing or vehicular work do not generally receive the -2 bonus from microtronic vision.

Platelet Factories

(Wyldfire, March 5 2002, # 12)

My ruling is that if someone takes an M or higher wound, and stages it down to L, then the platelet factories don't work. It's based on what wound you actually *take*, after resistance rolls, etc.

Reinstall with new options

(Vulcan, March 17 2010, # 232)

Cyberware and Bioware can be removed and reinstalled with new options.

The surgeon must plan (With new options), remove and reinstall the ware, following all proper rules for the steps. There is no special accommodation, but it is also, not hard.

For example: The ware purchased in Chargen can be removed, then reinstalled with essence reduction options. (It's not like anyone's gonna do this for some other option, anyway ;))

Skill Specalizations and Single PCs

(Vulcan, May 4 2010, #249)

A player may specialize skills in a single PC, that is, for example: Medicine.Slinger. This specialization would represent a heightened understanding of Slinger's specific genetics, medical condition and other such factors, allowing him to be treated at a higher level.

The base skill must, as always, be directly applicable to the task at hand. For example, Cybertechnology.Slinger would not be an appropriate skill to roll as a complimentary to a First Aid (A Biotech action) procedure on Slinger, unless that procedure somehow directly altered the technology of the specific ware implant, and not as a broader range of treatment.

Standardized Clinic Rating Modifier

(Vulcan, May 2 2010, #246)

To standardize the issue of Man and Machines 'variable' TN mod for clinics under rating 3, and to codify a long standing Denver convention, I am setting the Penalty for <3 Clinics at +1 TN per level under three. This means an R1 clinic suffers a +2 TN modifier on its surgery rolls, while an R2 clinic suffers a +1. This can be mitigated or alleviated with the installation of redundancy systems as per +info gear tools medical.

Surgery and Cybertechnology

(Vulcan, May 4 2010, #248)

The KS:CyberTechnology as a skill focuses on the technology of cyberware. It is not a biology skill, a medical skill or a surgical skill. It cannot be used as a complimentary to surgery. There is one exception to this, and that is if the surgery in question uses the 'reduce essence' option.

The rational is that the cybertechnology skill allows for the surgeon to use their specialized knowledge of cybertechnology during the surgery to make the process easier.

Surgery Clinics

(MannequinR, November 6 2006, # 84) — Information overridden by New Tools Rules#

The space required for a surgery clinic is (Rating * 30)m^2. This is because Rating equals the number of patients able to be attended to at the same time, and 30m^2 represents roughly the area of a small surgical room.

For example, a R4 clinic would require (4*30) 120m^2 of space in a building in order to be function as a R4 clinic. If less space exists, the clinic can still function, but at a lower rating (60m^2 allows the clinic to function at R2).

Surgery Upgrade — Reinstall

(Numb, August 1 2010, #258)

When upgrading a piece of Cyberware or Bioware, or uninstalling and reinstalling an item to gain the benefits of reduced essence, does not cause the 'ware to become 'used'. As long as the same 'ware is going right back into the same host, it is considered to be more of a 'tweak' to make things fit/connect better than ripping something out of someone for resale.

Tactical Computer Ports

(Scire, February 22 2006, # 81)

When tallying Generic or Dedicated ports for a Tactical Computer (p. 22, Man and Machine), one needs a separate port for each Sensor PACKAGE in use. If a single linked drone has more than one sensor package (eg. Sensors and Enhanced Sensors) two ports are required. Sensor Packages provide 1 Sense for each rating point the package has. So if a drone has a Sensor rating of 1, it provides 1 sense, if it has a Sensor rating of 2, it provides 2 senses, and so forth.

Therapeutic Surgery

(Wyldfire, August 3 2009, # 182)

It is allowed for a surgeon to retroactively reduce the essence or body-index cost of an already-installed piece of cyberware or bioware. The process and requirements for this are identical to installing the cyberware or bioware item as if it were a new implant. Put another way, it's the same as removing and then re-installing the cyberware.

Surgery Options will still require a surgical plan to be created just as if the item were being installed for the first time.

Also note that items which could not be removed from the body (such as Boosted Reflexes) cannot benefit from this option. In essence, this is like removing and re-adding the item, without requiring the explicit removal of the cyberware or bioware item.

Upgrading Cyber and Bio

(Accordo, January 28 2003, # 38)

To calculate the cost of upgrading a piece of ware, you first ignore SI of the items. You then take the base cost of the new ware, subtract the base cost of the old ware. This is the cost or the upgrade. The SI and availability of the upgrade is the same as the higher level of the upgrade.

Used Cyberware and Bioware

(Numb, July 5 2009, # 145) & (Yemalio, July 9 2009, # 152)

Used cyberware/bioware under basic rules uses Stress Points to represent it being used. In Denver we don't used Stress Points. So to represent the stress that used Cyber/Bio undergoes in becoming used, all cyber/bio will cost 10 percent more essence/bio-index than the base item it is based upon. This is normal wear and tear, and you can use positive surgery options to reduce this essence down to base levels for the cyber, but never lower.(Rules only allow for 2 positive options)

You always have the option of upgrading the Cyberware(either by rating or grade) later, by paying the difference between used and new in Nuyen, and having it 'upgraded' to the new status, at which time you can use the Reduced essence options as normal for reductions. For Bioware, it will require a freshly grown implant.

Basic Datajack is .2 essence. If you got it used, it would be .24 essence with the +10 percent.

Used cyberware and bioware items can be purchased and implanted as per normal (though Delta grade cyberware and above and cultured bioware cannot be implanted in anyone but the person for whom they were customized/installed). However, these items have a 10 percent higher essence cost, which can be offset by positive options to lower essence cost (making them, with two options, cost base essence).

Used Deltaware

(Shidarezakura, August 27 2012, #310)

For cases where a player acquires used Deltaware, such as through plotting, handling of it's installation is as follows:

Deltaware is designed per a specific individual according to the books. To reflect this, used deltaware essentially becomes normal betaware for the purposes of its effective essence value to install. However, as the item is still deltaware in quality, penalties for it's installation apply as follows:
Installing in a betaware clinic incurs a +2 TN penalty for insufficient tools(Doing Delta work in Beta clinic) and follows all normal rules for TN's as a piece of deltaware.
Installing in a Delta clinic incurs no penalty, and the installation will function at the normal TN's for deltaware isntallation.

This procedure essentially entails restructuring the deltaware item to work with the new owners physiology, but after implantation, the item will never be considered Deltware again.

Key Words: Delta Deltaware Used Fencing

Used Ware in Chargen

(Vulcan, October 1 2010, #259)

Due to the steep discount on Used Ware, and the lack of SI in Character Generation, I am ruling that Used Cyberware cannot be purchased in character generation.

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