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Alternate Names for Martial Arts

(Wyldfire, September 5 2009, #203)

When seeking a trainer for a martial art, alternative names for the same martial art (e.g. Hapkido as an alternate name for Tae Kwon Do or Savate as an alternative name for Muay Thai) are considered still the same skill, so it can be taught with no defaulting penalty. Even though practitioners of the arts in question consider them highly distinct, they are still, by the rules, 'close enough' to be effectively identical.

Berzerkers and Consent

(Vulcan, January 31 2012, #291)

If a character enters a state in which they are incapable of rational thought and are aggressive, such as berzerker rage or drug fueled anger, they are deemed consented to the ramifications of their choices. That choice may not have been to berserk at that exact moment, but in playing a character with a totem draw back or a drug addict, the player made a choice, and the other players are free to deal with that choice as necessary in the situation. This shall not hold true to characters who are mind controlled, unless they volunteered for it. The key here is a choice is made at some point.

Chargen and Rollover

(Vulcan, January 25 2012, #288)

All characters must exit Character Generation before rollover karma can be used. All characters exiting Character Generation must be within reasonable bounds and follow all protocols and policies of Shadowrun Denver before they can be allowed to progress. This means for example, you cannot take willpower 1 and no sorcery as a mage, and expect to buy those skills in rollover. This does not mean your character must be fully optimized or the best, but it means you cannot try to circumvent Chargen protocols.

Complementary Dice

(Vulcan, July 27 2009, #172)

A player may only have one source of skill-based complimentary dice and one set of tool-based complimentary dice in any given roll. A player may not roll two tool-based sources or multiple skill-based source of complimentary dice.

For example; A clinic R3 and a Savior medkit do not add to 9 comp dice for surgery, and nor do 'Small Unit Command' and 'Squad Tactics' add together for a Small Unit Tactics skill check.

A player may choose one skill and one tool for any given roll, but may roll them together as a single roll.

Cyberimplant Combat and Dual Weapons

(Wyldfire, September 3 2009, #202)

Cyber-implant weapons do not gain benefits from ambidexterity as per fighting with two weapons. Instead, they are handled as per SR3 p121, with half the character's strength added to the power of the attack.

Defaulting and Skills

(Vulcan, January 16 2012, #287)

You may not default from one skill (Example: Pistols) to another skill (Example: Rifles) if you possess the first skill. You may only default if you lack the base skill.

The purpose of defaulting is to allow players to try something for which they have no skill. By possessing the skill, the ability to default is lost.

A player may not default from their etiquette(3) to their Negotiation(7) just because they have more dice in that skill.

Essence Loss due to HMHVV

(McCloud, May 11 2004, # 56)

In the case of Essence Loss due to a vampire's (or other Awakened critter) Essence Drain, it's been decided that lost Essence returns at a rate of a half a point per month.

Lost Magic Points due to Essence loss because of this also return at the same rate.

Decided by Wyldfire, Kater, Professor Mc

Fencing Rules

(Wyldfire, March 24 2009, # 97)

As a note, and a reminder, the fencing rules apply /only/ to the sale of items /created by PCs/. They should not be construed to prevent the sale of NPC items, such as those purchased at a Shadow Auction, or chargen items. Just because a PC owns it doesn't matter — it's if it was created using, say, the Talismongering rules or the Programming rules or the Gun Creation rules.

Firing Heavy Weapons without Support

(Numb, August 11 2009, # 190)

When a character capable of firing a heavy weapon without support (Bod 8 and Str8 Minimum) fires a weapon without a stabilizer (Gyro-mount, bi/tripod), They will take damage and have to roll vs knockdown to stay standing.

1: Hip pads and their equivalent do not count as a stabilizer in that regard, though they still help with recoil penalties.

2: The damage received for firing an unsupported weapon is half the power of the weapon being fired, which includes burst or Full Auto fire.

3: The number of successes needed on the knockdown test are equal to the un-comped recoil modifier. EX: If you have Gas Vent 4 and hip pads for a total of 5 points, and fire a full auto burst of 10 rounds, it would be 5 succcess to fully resist the knockdown.

Hand of God

(Vulcan, January 28 2012, #289)

Hand of God is an optional rule. It is at the discretion of the handling admin. It should not be allowed in any situation of PvP conflict. It should not be allowed on avoidable, player caused deaths that could be termed acts of suicide or gross stupidity.

Learning Combat Maneuvers

(Vulcan, July 19 2009, # 166)

To learn a combat technique, a character must have both the art and a teacher who both practices that art and possesses the proper maneuver. This teacher can be another player or a contact. NPC's will charge 100 nuyen per hour and the training will take one full day (8 hours of training). While the training can take less time than that, the fee does not scale.

Use of the instruction skill to lower the base time is against a TN of 8 (Its a short short base time) and successes divide the base time as per normal rules.


(Wyldfire, March 17 2009, # 95)

We don't actually use the lifestyle costs from the books on here. Instead, we use the apartment-renting and/or building system to handle lifestyles where they have a stat implication. If a character wishes to purchase 'permanent' lifestyle, that's handled by them buying a building, which is assumed to include the other aspects of lifestyle as well as part of the purchase.

Maneuvers and Weapons

(Charon, November 28 2012, #327)

When using martial arts maneuvers with weapons, you take the the usual bonuses and penalties from that martial art. You can also use most of the universal maneuvers (charging, for example) with weapons, at the GM's discretion. It's hard to subdue someone with a katana.

Multiple Pools

(Captain Vimes, March 4 2011, #275)

Aside from Karma Pool (and Astral Pool with an initiated mage in astral space), multiple pools (combat, control, hacking, spell, task) can not be used on a single skill roll. Also, use the appropriate pool for the appropriate skills. For example: Task Pool cannot be used to fire a launch weapon: that's combat pool, even if int-linked.

Negotiation vs Johnson

(Wolfwings, November 26 2010, #262)

Negotiation rolls in interaction with Johnsons or others offering PCs a fixed sum are based only on the offered sum. They are not a 'detect true value if you know basic algebra OOCly' roll, and are not based on the true-value of the item/run/etc at discussion as that would impart OOC knowledge that is too wide-ranging and inappropriate to make available so easilly.

NPC Orgs and PVP

(Wyldfire, March 28 2009, # 99)

NPC organizations generally do not directly participate in PVP even a player character has close ties with them. They prefer to stay on the sidelines. They may contribute resources for gear or whatever, or might help a character /escape/ a PVP situation, but in general they will not attack other player characters unless they (the NPC organization) is under direct and clear threat.

Otaku Attributes

(Pluto, February 21 2011, #272)

There has been some confusion over Otaku attributes, so I'd like to clarify what they are.

Otaku, by default, have -1 to all their physical stat maximums, and +1 to their mental stat maximums (making a human's physical stats maximum 5(8), and a human's mental stat maximum 7(11)).

Should the player choose, the Otaku may have all 1's in their physical attributes (or as low as their race will allow - a 2 in quickness for an elf, a 3 in body for a dwarf, and so on), and in exchange, the Otaku's mental attribute maximum increases to +2 (NOT an additional +2). This brings a human's mental attribute maximum to 8(12), while lowering their physical attribute maximum to 4(6).

Seeing Through Disguises

(Wyldfire, September 3 2009, #201)

When someone rules to see through a disguise, one or two successes tells them something is off, though not necessarily that the person is disguised. Three or four successes will tell them that it is a disguise. Five or more successes will give them a good chance to tell who it /actually/ is under the disguise.

Seduction and Negotiation

(Greyhymn, August 10 2002, # 16)

I made a decision to allow Mira to use her Seduction skill as a complementary roll to a Negotiations test she made on an equipment purchase. There was a quip though, she cannot use Seduction with the same contact more than a few times. My reasoning behind this is that each individual contact would, over time, come to the realization that she was not going to be following through with the suggestive appearances in her demeanor. The skill would then become ineffective as a way to tilt Negotiations in her favor. I'm accomplishing this by putting a +gmnote on contacts she's used Seduction against, and after a few times I will note she should no longer be allowed to use Seduction with that particular contact. This solution allows her to make use of a knowledge skill that really could come in handy during a negotiation, but keeps the perspective realistic.

Skillwires and Instruction

(Yelmalio, July 1 2009, # 139) & (Wyldfire, July 2 2009, # 143)

Instruction skillsoft can only be used to instruct skills known to the user, not other chipped skills.his is for two reasons. The first, this effectively converts a cash investment into real karma gains over the course of training. The second, skillwires are not 'your' skills, and represent nervous stimulus to perform an action, not an understanding of the action.

Further clarification of instruction as a skillsoft and the teaching of skills from skillwires or known via knowsoft:

If you have a chipped Instruction skill, but actually know the skill being taught, you may Instruct others in that skill.

If you know the Instruction skill, and have a chipped skill being taught, you may not Instruct others in that skill.

If you have a chipped Instruction skill, and a chipped skill being taught, you may not Instruct others in that skill.

In summary, Instruction can be chipped, but the skill being taught cannot be.

Speech and Free Actions

(Wyldfire, September 9 2005, # 73)

Regarding a situation Baphomet judged involving Ghost calling out a phrase of 'Bad move! Panicbutton!' to an NPC, and being charged two free actions for the phrase…

1. In general, a character is going to ICly *know* how long what they're saying is 'too long' for the available time. Especially if they have a high Reaction. If you're enforcing the one-word one-free-action rule, you ought to give the player a chance to reformulate their words, especially in borderline cases. And especially when only one of the words is important — in this case, "Panicbutton!" However, this is a minor procedural issue, and Baphomet was well within her rights as a GM.

Stationary Modifier

(Wyldfire, August 27 2009, #196)

The 'stationary' modifier from SR3 p112 is a matter of some debate. Some GMs interpret 'Target Stationary' as 'not currently moving' and consider 'unmodified' (+0) to mean 'walking at a normal pace'; other GMs interpret 'Target Stationary' as meaning 'cannot move' — e.g. a wall, a statue, an unconscious/paralyzed person — and consider unmodified (+0) to refer to targets who are able to move, and move in small ways (shifting stance) etc), but are not walking around at the moment.

There is currently absolutely no consensus on this, and so it is left entirely to the discretion of the GM running the scene.

Stealth Specializations

(Vulcan, October 26 2010, #261)

Theft: Specifically Slight of Hand and pickpocketing. This skill is not a boost to theft 'while stealing', but the act of larceny from another persons body and such.

Hiding: The act of being concealed while motionless.

Sneaking: The act of being concealed while moving slowly. One cannot sneak while running.

These specs are clear and really can't be used outside of these areas.

Strength, Conceal and Description

(Vulcan, April 24 2012, #299)

Strength that comes from bio or from natural muscles shall now have a conceal of (10-<strength>) and must be reasonably reflected in someone's description appropriately. Anything above 5 is not 'highly toned', it's bulk and should be portrayed thusly. You cannot have muscle 7 and be 'wiry'. No, you're a bodybuilder.


(Captain Vimes, July 13 2009, # 158)

All upgrades receive a discount equal to the original price of the item being upgraded. For example: Upgrading a shop to a facility would be discounted the price of the shop, representing that the upgrader won't just throw away the parts he has bought before. This holds true with cyberware grades and ratings, as well as medical facilities and other things of that nature.

Using Musical Instrument w/Increased Volume

(Greyhymn, August 16 2002, # 25)

I made the judgement that Mira may not use her musical skills in combination with a Voice Modulator equipped with the Increased Volume option to cause damage or target modifiers to opponents in combat. There are no ratings or essence costs associated with Increased Volume, there's no precedent for that sort of use, and determining the modifiers/damage on the spot would be difficult and open to alot of debate. Also, in real-life plenty of people stand /right next to/ the speakers at raves and it doesn't seem to brake their strides ^_^

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