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Animal Trainer Costs

(Wyldfire, August 25 2004, # 64)

How much does it cost for an animal trainer? I'm gonna say 600 =Y= times skill level per month. Double that to 1200 =Y= for anything exotic, large, or dangerous (like, say, tigers). If it's something awakened or *really* dangerous (e.g. hellhounds or other paracritters), you can triple or quadruple it. Note that the above price is *per skill point*). If the guy has a skill of 3, that's 1800 =Y=. If he has a skill level of 6, that's 3600 =Y=.

Additional keywords: animal training trainer hireling paracritter hiring

Ares Monoblade

(Kay, June 4 2011, #280)

The Ares Monosword can in fact be dikoted. The "monowire" (not really monowire, as an addition) is removed before the processing.

Armor Modification Work

(McCloud, April 13 2004, # 55)

For modifying existing armor, as in adding a modification like chemseal or tailoring for a different body shape (modifying for trolls, say), use the costs listed from M&M or SR3, and the following rules:

Base TN = 4 + point value of mods already present (count gel-packs as 2 points of mods)

Base time: 24 hrs


Superior Gear -1

Poor conditions +1

Terrible Conditions +2

Damaged Armor: +1 per point of ballistic and impact less than original condition

Microscopic Vision does not apply.

It requires a Armor Shop to modify for chemical seal, flame resistance. Insulation, thermal dampening or nonconductivity can be added with a liner (requiring a kit and some workspace to install).

Adding stealth fibers, fireproofing or blending requires a facility, as these modifications must be added at the time of manufacture.

Avail and SI

(Kay, December 10 2009, #213)

A 'N/A' or '—-' in Avail code OR SI indicates that the vehicle/gun/whatever may not be obtained by a player character through normal means (such as a fixer, a normal plot.) Such items may only be obtained through one or many Power Plots and ONLY through permission of staff.

Building Items from Scratch

(Scondor, January 30 2004, # 52)

I'm just going to punch in the Data here for the much-maligned, misunderstood, and sometimes outright denied rules for Building an existing item from scratch using the B/R rules. These are outlined on pg 95 of SR3, although they are left a bit sketchy as to the price of building this item. Acordo made the reccomendation that it should cost about 10 of the item cost (before SI) to build it from parts. I would suggest the Admin processing the queue has the right to adjust this percentage as he/she sees fit.

The Target Number for this test should be decided on a GM-Call basis, using the standard 1-10 guide on p. 92. The B/R section goes on to suggest that 'everyday' equipment carry a TN 4, Fancy equipment TN 5, Technical Gear TN 7.

Applicable TN Mods:

Working Condition:
Bad +2
Terrible: +4
Superior: -1
Unavailable: Not Allowed
Inadequate: +2
Reference Material (Blueprint) Available: 0
Working From Memory (Knowskill) +(5 - Intelligence)

Build Time is determined by taking the List Price (before SI), and dividing it by:
10 for Armed Combat Items
20 for Vehicles
50 for Electronics.

The final result is your build time in Hours.

I'm just adding this info for my own use honestly, but I'd like to sit down with Acordo and flesh out the actual hard and fast rules for this, so all those B/R skills don't go to total waste.

Burst Fire to Full Auto Fire Modification

(Gryphon, August 5 2009, # 184)

The rules in Cannon Companion for customizing a BF firearm to allow for FA firing are applicable to any firearm that lacks FA but does have a BF firing mode. It imposes an addition point of recoil penalty when firing the gun in FA, requires a Complex Action to fire in FA even if only firing a BF-equivilant volley, but does not impose any additional penalties for firing in SS or SA mode.

CAD Software Design

(Vulcan, June 30 2009, # 138)

This set of computer/software, used to design custom gear, is standard on all FACILITY purchases. It is not in a SHOP. However, a player may purchase a CAD suite like a shop. A firearms CAD suite, a vehicular CAD suite, a computers CAD suite and so on and so forth. It shall have the cost and legality of a shop of the same type, but its SI shall be 1 higher.

Ceramic Firearms Accessories

(Pith, October 8 2009, #205)

Accessories added to ceramic firearms will also be considered to me made of ceramic (non-metal) components and be undetectable by MAD scanners. In general most accessories are already non-metallic and would not by themselves be noticeable on a MAD detector. Grenade Launchers are of course an exception to this rule.

Ceramic Parts

(Verteshen, October 16 2002, # 33)

After admittedly only glancing over the gun design rules, I put a price of 1400 on a ceramic silencer.

Chemicals, Darts, and Capsule Rounds

(Mirage, March 26 2010, #233)

Darts and capsule rounds are made on a 1 to 1 basis with the units of chemicals they are to contain. This means if you want to make 10 capsule rounds filled with narcoject, you will need 10 units of DSMO, 10 units of narcoject, and 10 capsule rounds. If you wanted to do the same with darts it would require 10 units of narcoject and 10 darts.

Color Change Armors

(Mojo, September 11 2011, #281)

Sleeping Tiger and Rapid Transit line armors come with pre-programed choices for the color patterns. These can be modified to include Camo patterns. This also applies to any armor with Ruthenium added, but without scanners for the armor.

Custom Design Work and Contacts

(Vulcan, April 5 2010, #234)

A contact will very happily do stock modification work on guns, computers, vehicles, you name it. They make their living doing this. But custom work, that is, designing something from scratch, will not be done by a contact. The reason for this, is it would be so time consuming for the contact that they would have to put off all other business and projects save for the design, development, fabrication, testing, re-design, re-development, re-fabrication, retesting and so on and so forth until they got a stable, solid product they could sell you.

That one product, that one gun, would cost an extremely high fee. For example, the F22 Raptor Attack Aircraft has a program cost of $65 billion US Dollars. If they only produced -1- Aircraft, it would cost -65 BILLION DOLLARS-. As such, the 187 units we have ordered, have a Per-unit cost of $142.6 million, which still only comes up to 26 billion dollars. The rest has been written off and funded by the government.

Custom Item - Talith

(Acordo, February 8 2003, # 39)

Talith is a custom gypsy weapon. A 5 or six feet of head scarf one edge of which has weights and hooks sewn into it so that it can be wielded like a whip and can entangle and cut.

Conceal 8
Reach 1
Damage (STR+1)L
Weight 0.5
Avail 10/7 days
Cost/SI 150/2

Alternatively a B/R Whips 4/16hrs test and 50 nuyen of supplies can be rolled to make this weapon by hand with no special tools required.

Dikoting Times

(Yelmalio, August 26 2009, #195)

If you have the relevant contacts and have bought the required amount of material for dikoting, it will take 2 hours per 100cm2 of surface area you are dikoting.

Thus if you must spend 3000nuyen on dikote (At 1000 per 100cm^2) it will take 6 hours to dikote and your contact will charge you on a sliding scale:
Level 1 contact: 100nuyen per hour
Level 2 contact: 50nuyen per hour
Level 3 contact: 25 nuyen per hour.

Dikoting Weapons

(Acordo, September 19 2002, # 28)

I had to work out the prices for Dikoting a polearm blade and a katana. After some brief research, I decided that the katana blade is 100 cm x 4 cm wide, and as such, the price is 100x4x2 (two sides) = 800cm^2, so at 1000Y/100cm^2, the price was 8k base. I then said that the polearms blade was about the same area.

DMSO and Capsule Rounds

(Pith, November 1 2009, # 207)

Capsule rounds may only contain one dose of a contact vector chemical to be effective. DMSO adds a seconds "dose" so may not be mixed within a single capsule round. Splitting the dose is not effective and will not be permitted. Squirt weapons that deliver mixed DMSO and Compounds deliver one dose of both compounds per shot.

External SimRigs

(McCloud, January 26 2004, # 51)

It's possible to install external simrigs into armor; after all, the PCs in the FASA Module _Queen Euphoria_ wore just such rigs in the final part of the module. (Admittedly the simrigs were hidden in the armor, but it was still done.)

I gave Revenant a TN of 4, 6 if she wanted the simrig to be hidden in the armor. IIRC, it was an Electronics (8) Test to detect the presence of the simrigs in the armor, in Queen Euphoria. Base time of 24 hours to install, 12 hours to remove.

Firearm Barrel Modifications

(McCloud, May 24 2004, # 57)

Modifying a firearm barrel after manufacture is going to be a difficult and time-consuming process requiring a Gunsmithing Facility, unless you want to ruin the ballistics profile of the weapon in question, which will cut its range in half and reduce the accuracy and speed of the bullet.

I would give it a base TN of 8, 6 with Microscopic Vision, and a base time of 48 hours. Failure on this Test ruins the rifling as mentioned above, cutting the range of the weapon in half and lowering the Power of the weapon by 2.

Form Fitting Body Armor and Security Armor

(Wyldfire, August 3 2009, # 181)

Security Armor cannot, at present, be layered with Form-Fitting Body Armor. The reasoning behind this is that security armor has an under-padding, just like hardened armor, that does not stack well with any other armor, including form-fitting. The code currently implements this, and it is correct based on the rulings that have been made.

Freeze Foam

(Numb, Feb 12 2011, #271)

Freeze foam can not be used in Mini-grenades or grenades. The nature of a grenade and the minimal amount of foam they carry (only enough to cover a single limb if directly applied), keep them from being an effective delivery method for freeze foam. This judgment made after carefully reading the rules for it and the weapons allowed to use it. (spray tank only carries two charges, and specifically says in freeze foam its only good for securing limbs).

Hellhound Pricing

(Wyldfire, June 3 2009, #122)

Paracritters are rare, and as such, I think this is more of a plot item. However, everything can be had for a price. Since I figure Hellhounds breed poorly in captivity, I'm going to set them at 55K apiece, avail is 16/30 days, and SI of 2.5. Avoiding the SI means having the proper exotic animal permits, able to pass inspection for cages, etc. These are something that everybody wealthy and the like would 'want' one if they could. So there's competition with rich people. Not to mention the danger in breeding them, capturing them, etc.

Hirelings and Bodyguards

(Wyldfire, August 25 2004, # 61)

This was a close ruling. However, for Daemon Starks's hirelings, I'm ruling that based on the amount he's paying them for their services, he gets somebody who, in effect, gets 2 karma points per month to spend on raising stats ICly. This is sort of a temporary ruling. Use this unless it starts to get majorly out of hand. As far as a guideline for this, he's paying 5K a month. If he doubled that, he might get 10K a month, and 4 karma points. Use your best judgment on this. This might even be a little excessive with regard to Daemon. In other words, if a player wants a hireling that improves, they need to pay for a really good hireling. Additional keywords: hirelings, thugs, Daemon Starks, NPC stats, contacts, etc.

Katana Hands

(Captain Vimes, May 3 2011, #274)

The Katana can be used in one hand without penalty, and can recieve +1 power for using in two hands.

Legal Purchases

(Numb, November 30 2010, #263)

'Legal' is to be considered a Level-0 Contact anyone can use, to legally purchase gear. The benefit you get from this is the usual -2 to the TN and half time. As it is a contact, if you fail your roll to purchase something, you must wait the full time to make another roll as none of the local shops have what you are trying to buy in stock.

MAD Concealability and Firearms

(Vulcan, January 15 2010, #221)

It is my ruling that MAD scanners use a firearms base conceal for detection purposes. Long coats and holsters do nothing to stifle their metal nature, and do not raise the TN for MAD scanners to detect them.

Martial Arts Activesofts Maneuvers

(Wyldfire, October 10 2009, #206)

Activesofts for martial arts active skills may — in fact, /must/ — have maneuvers at the usual rate, one maneuver per two levels of encoded skill. These maneuvers must be chosen when the activesoft is created/purchased.

Noble Ranks

(Vulcan, December 17 2010, #265)

Noble Titles Redux

After some discussion and theme-interpretation about the Elven Nations, the following has been established.

There are no noble ranks or titles currently issued by Tir Na'Nog that we can find in source books, so anyone telling you they are a noble from that nation, is probably lying to you. They have a more or less democratic system with a president and senate.

The following ranks/social classes are open to people with Tir Tairngire SIN's:
Nobility - Comital (Count)

The reason Count is open is because it does not actually grant any privileges or land, no entry or exit privileges nor is it particularly exclusive. There are many thousand counts, as they represent the lowest rung, essentially the upper middle class.


(Charon, January 26 2013, #230)

To get rangefinder bonuses for a gun your gun must be smartlinked and either you must have the rangefinder component or your gun must have the rangefinder accessory. Both are not necessary. The gun accessory version will work with smartgoggles or other non-cybernetic smartlink components.

A cybernetic rangefinder can also exactly measure distances to anything you look at, but without a smartlinked gun this gives you no reduction in TN penalties.

Ruthenium and Metahumans

(Vulcan, April 10 2010, #235)

The following rubric will cover how much Ruthenium Cloth cloth is required to cover a player. Sizes are in Square meters.

Dwarf: 2.5 Meters
Human/Elf: 3 Meters
Ork: 3.5 Meters
Troll: 5 meters

Ruthenium Scanner Creating

(Shayd, October 25, 2001)

Ruthenium Scanner creation costs 4000 -Y- in parts, and has a TN of 6/1 week, to create a ruth scanner. It requires a Electronics B/R shop to make.

Sawed-Off Modification for Defiance T-250

(Pelmen, July 23 2009, # 170)

I ruled that the sawed off mod on a short barreled Defiance Def-250 is only worth +1 in added Concealment due to the already shortened barrel. All the other effects stay in effect, positive as negative.

Shared Contacts

(Vulcan, May 1 2010, #244)

If two players have the same contact, they may not both use the same contact to attempt to get the same thing. For example, if player 1 wants Item X and fails to get it from the shared contact, then Player 2 may not roll with the same contact for the same service. The contact is busy trying to get the service or item for the first player and is unavailable.

SIN Maturation

(Elphaba, May 1 2010, #245)

As per longstanding precedent, character's SINs do not mature automatically. It is the responsibility of each player to send in a queue to the SINS queue requesting that a SIN be matured to the next rating. If a player is late in requesting the raise it will still go through, however the queue will not be 'backdated' or retroactively increased more than one level.

Example: James' R6 Fake SIN matured in January of 2008. He forgot to put in a queue and realizes his mistake in May of 2010. When he submits the queue the SIN will only be upgraded to Rating 7, even though enough time has lapsed to increase it even higher.

Smoke Grenades and Sensors

(Pith, December 18 2009, #216)

Smoke Grenades (both regular and IR) add +1 to the TN for sensor tests for the duration of the smoke effect.

Street Index and Discretion

(Wyldfire, August 26 2012, #309)

Many items have Street Index. Street Index indicates what it costs to get something on the street, through contacts and the like. When something is purchased with Street Index, it includes the 'surcharge' for the risk of doing something illegal, and it is also assumed to include 'normal' surcharge for people keeping their mouths shut about the transaction. If somebody leans heavily on them, they might give it up, but in the normal course of things they won't run to the cops to rat you out.

What about things with an SI equal to or less than 1? That means that those costs are still in there, just that the inherent base cost of the item through illegal channels is less than the 'retail price'. Take something like, say, car stereos. Stolen car stereos go for usually like 25 cents on the dollar, maybe a little more, to the fence, who can sell them for 75 cents on the dollar while paying off people to keep their mouths shut, etc. It would have a street index of 0.75, in this case.

SI's of one or less simply indicate that the item, even after paying all the costs associated with doing things illegally, is still cheaper than retail.

Keywords: illegal, bribe, discreet

Using a regular contact to find a fence

(Pelmen, March 30 2011, #273)

I decided that in the case of a character using a regular contact to as proxy to find a fence to sell some goods. It makes sense to have the contact used for his -1 on the find roll get some of the pay. In this case I ruled that the contact will ask for 5 percent of the base value of the loot sold to the fence. SI not calculated into this.

Vibro-blades and Dikoting

(Pith, February 17 2010, #225)

Vibro blades may not be dikoted.

VITAS 3 and Biological Warfare

(Wyldfire, July 2 2009, # 141)

Biological Warfare agents are basically in the same category as nuclear weapons, and are not going to be purchasable by PCs at any price. No. The availability of all such items is, effectively, infinite, and they cannot be obtained as plot payout.

No, we do not want the VITAS plague in a PC's inventory.

Weaponsmithing - Barrel (New!)

(Yelmalio, May 25 2010, #255)

In the event that a person wishes to change the ballistic 'fingerprint' of their weapon, they may choose to change the barrel.

Aftermark barrels are available for purchase at 25% of the stock cost of the weapon, with avail and time equal to the stock weapon. With a shop a player may machine a barrel from a blank. The blanks cost 10% the stock cost of the weapon, with a -2 avail mod to acquire. When the new barrel is acquire either way, it requires a 4/2hour Weapon B/R test to change for the old barrel.

Any barrel attachments on the old barrel are permanent and will be lost with it. However if the weapon comes stock with any such mods, the new barrel will include that modification. (For example a Viper Slivergun barrel comes with a silencer, as standard.)

Weaponsmithing - Barrel

(Accordo, September 23 2002, # 32)

In answering a qmail i set the price for purchasing an aftermarket barrel for a firearm at 25%, and a 4/2hr B/R task to fit it. Alternatively, with a shop, a 5/12hr task to machine and fit it from a blank barrel, costing 10% the price of the firearm. Prices are determined from stock (book) prices, not total custom price.

It should be noted that any barrel attachments that are permanent (like GVs) will need to be purchased and re-installed again. Also, this changes the forensic ballistic characteristics of the weapon.

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