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Cooking Programs to OMC

(Stiletto, June 25 2009, #134)

Any decking utilities - Operational, OFfensive, Special and Defensive - do not need to burnt to optical chips to be used. Once a program is written, it would then be compiled (not needed to have a specific test of its own, assumed in the programming test itself) to be used. It can also be shared by uploading it to the trix, transferring it to another cyberdeck or offline storage. You can choose to burn it to a Optical Chip, perhaps to share it, store it somewhere else, anything like that.

Other programs, such as those required for cyberdeck components, they will need to be burnt.

Deck Building

(Vulcan, June 28 2009, #137)

If a player orders components to a deck separately, they may assemble the deck as per any normal deck building rules. However, players may not order non-functional or unbalanced custom decks, that is, a deck with MPCP 1, but with a Reaction Enhancement 3 chip, then cannibalize the 'good' chip for a better deck. This is a clear attempt to circumvent the rules for purchasing parts and will not be allowed.

Deckers and Program Copying

(Wyldfire, August 6 2009, #185)

Deckers may make as many copies as they wish of utilities with no penalties. Share and Enjoy. There are no restrictions or problems with this.

Encoder Bonus To Cook Test

(Pith, January 2 2010, #219)

Dice added by the encoder add to the primary skill and are considered primary dice, however these dice may not exceed the user's skill.

Loading Agents with Utilities

(Wyldfire, July 9 2009, #149)

Loading agents with utilities and programs is a task that can, for the most part, simply be started and permitted to run on its own. However, the decker must spend 25% of this time directly overseeing and supervising the task.

For example, if loading an agent with a utility takes 8 hours, the decker will have to spend 2 hours directly supervising it to start the process. After that, the remaining 6 hours will occur in the background on its own and complete 8 hours after the project is begun.

Otaku and Magical Alts

(Wyldfire, March 17 2009, #90)

Otaku are deckers, for all practical purposes. Despite taking Magic as Priority A, this is just a game mechanic for chargen. They don't have any of the advantages of magical alts, and I don't see people lining up to play them, really, or any need to restrict people from having a mage /and/ an otaku in their alts. Therefore, I'm ruling that otaku don't take up a magic slot.

Otaku Channel Justification

(Mirage, April 26 2010, #242)

Otaku channels do not require justification up to a rating equal to the otaku in question's computer score. The justification required to raise their computer score is justification enough for said channels.

Programming Spell Formulae

(Wyldfire, July 2 2009 , #142)

This one is clear-cut. Spells and spell formulas have a 'program rating' to represent and provide calculations for how many Mp they consume when stored in digital format. This does /not/ mean that they can be created using Agents or Programming tests or any of the Matrix rules. Instead, creation of spell formulae is provided for in MitS.

SIN Hacking

(Gryphon, August 20 2009, #193)

For game balance reasons, you cannot perform more than one 'SIN Hack' per unique Matrix server generated. You have to log out from the server entirely, and log back in to a freshly-generated +matrix sheet for each SIN you want to hack into the database. Note that normal rules for security tally cooldown still apply despite a new +matrix sheef being used on each dive, so it's best to cycle between multiple servers to give each of them time to cool down from the hacking runs.

Skillsofts and Agents

(Wyldfire, July 15 2009,# 160)

There is no facility at present for loading Skillsofts into Agents for use on the Matrix. Programing skills are handled through self-coder options on a programming suite. System familiarity skills would be hard to program. DINAB gives the program a computer skill, though for agents, their Pilot rating is their computer skill. There is no facility for agents or frames loaded with skillsofts.

Specific Info Search

(Mirage, July 9 2010, #257)

Searching in a specific host for information using the rules for a specific area info search gives information that the host would be likely to have.

You may not, without good reason, search for election results in a credit burrow host. That is not how the rules were intended to work.

Furthermore, simple searches in a specific area dedicated to the subject you are searching for will yield results as a standard full RTG search, and standard searches will yield equivalent results to that of a detailed full RTG search. A detailed search is the equivalent of looking through every file, and simply gives any and all information the host might have on the subject (assuming the proper amount of successes).

This means that searching for a criminal record on an RTG is a detailed search, while searching for a criminal record in a Lone Star Criminal Database is only standard search.

Normal, obvious rules apply. If there is nothing to find, you find nothing, regardless of successes.

Suites and Mainframes

(Wyldfire, July 9 2009, # 150)

When programming, p79, Matrix 3, it states that one may use a program suite or a mainframe to help you program. Later, it states that you may use an environment (singular), and that you use 'suite rating or security value' for the test.

This note clarifies that you may use either a program suite or a mainframe on a test, but not both.

Throw Away MXP Accounts

(Wyldfire, July 2, 2009, #144)

These accounts have a base price of 100 =Y= per account. Availability is 4/24 hours, SI is 1. These are easy to get.

Using Accounts

(Pelmen, August 30 2009, #198)

If creating accounts for usage as programming accounts for a player the same has to roll Validate whether he has already admin access or not to determine how long his created accounts will stay undetected. If the character has already Admin access this roll is just used for the purpose of setting the time factor to determine validity of those Accounts and will not create Tally. No successes in this case mean just that the rolled time has the factor of one.

To take into account that we do not play in real time on the grid the GM/Staffer will determine an OOC time span those accounts can be used in queues. This should be noted on the account items and used up time should be noted by the handling staffer on the item too.

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