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Buildings and Prepaid Lifestyle

(Vulcan, April 22 2010, #241)

Due to concerns with abuse and to encourage people to spend their Chargen resources more evenly, a player may not spend more thna 1/10th of their prepaid lifestyle on an on-grid building. You cannot exit Chargen with 600,000 nuyen in cash, effectively, and purchase a building with it.

The Exception to this is craftsmen such as mechanics, gunsmiths and doctors who are looking to provide services to the grid. They -may- be granted an exemption after discussion with build-staff. This is not a given, and must be discussed on a case-by-case basis.

Buildings, Doors, and Barrier Ratings

(Yelmalio and Touchstone, January 5 2013, #238)

When building, the doors that come with the cost of the building itself will default to barrier rating 4.

Modifiers to barrier rating:
Low Lifestyle: -1
Medium Lifestyle: +0
High Lifestyle: +2
Luxury Lifestyle: +4

So any doors in a newly built low lifestyle building will be Barrier rating 3, whereas High would be barrier rating 6, for example.

The cost for a door will be based off its barrier rating, and doors cannot be upgraded, only replaced new. Standard Doors are available up to barrier rating 8. Any barrier rating 9 or more is considered a security door (with all that entails) and should be described appropriately (vault door, metal door, reinforced door etc.).

Door: Avail: Always Cost: (Barrier R^2)*50 SI: 1
Security Door: Avail: Always Cost: (Barrier R^2)*100 SI: 1

Decided by build admins Yelmalio + Touchstone 05/01/13

Rural Land

(Wyldfire, July 18, 2009, #165)

The basic price for rural land is set at 1 =Y= per square meter, which works out very close to 4,000 =Y= per acre. The latter calculation may always be used for convenience (the actual number is 1 acre = 4,046.85642 square meters).

Note that rural land is land that lies outside the original 1985 boundaries of the Denver city limits by the Treaty of Denver, and as such, cannot be built upon without special permissions and permits. Existing agricultural land was allowed to remain in agricultural use, but no further clearing of land was permitted without special permits. Land purchased by these rules is subject to these restrictions.

These permits cannot be purchased, but must be acquired through approved plots.

Upgrading Apartments

(Vulcan, May 7 2010, #253)

Coded apartments cannot be upgraded. They are owned by the building or complex you live in, and leases prevent the installation of better security, shops, magical circles or other such upgrades. Some facilities are more liberal with this policy, such as the Bastille, which specifically allows shops so long as the apartment complex is not endangered. If there is a question, default to 'NO' and ask for clarification.

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