Wound Effects

Wound Effects

When a character suffers a Deadly wound, he or she may take permanent damage to a vital organ, limb or biological system. Make a Body Test against a Target Number 4. If a trauma patch was used, apply a +2 modifier. Dermal armor also counts for this test.

0 Successes

Some vital organ, body part or system has been grievously injured. The character must be kept under continuous treatment by another character with Biotech even if the wound has been stabilized. Double time for the **entire* healing process. A replacement organ (cloned, biotech, or cybernetic) must be transimplated, requiring a Major Invasive surgery. Roll on the chart below for the actual damage.

Die Roll Result
1 Lose 1 point of Body
2 Lose 1 point of Strength
3 Lose 1 point of Quickness
4 Lose 1 point of Intelligence
5 Lose 1 point of Willpower
6 Lose 1 point of Charisma

An attribute lost in this way cannot be recovered, although they may be replaced by cybernetic or other means. The loss of an Attribute point to Deadly damage also means their Racial Modified Limit is lowered by 1.

1 Success

An eye or limb has been mangled beyond its ability to heal. A replacement is required, either natural or cyber. This adds to the normal healing costs and may mean having to wait to get the replacement before healing can begin. Increase the base healing time by 50 percent. Replacing the damaged part requires major invasive surgery and a replacement eye or limb. Roll 1D6 for the actual damage result.

Die Roll Result
1 Lose Right Arm
2 Lose Left Arm
3 Lose Right Leg
4 Lose Left Leg
5 Lose an ear (Roll 1d6: 1-3 Right Ear, 4-6 Left Ear)
6 Lose an eye (Roll 1d6: 1-3 Right Eye, 4-6 Left Eye)

2+ Successes

The character takes no limb or organ damage.

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