Wires And Fences

Wires and Fences Information

Wire Damage: Impact Armor offers one-half (round down) protection versus this damage.

Cutting Wires: Cutting wires with clippers requires a Strength (6) Test. Monowire only requires a Strength (5) Test to cut, but if the loose ends are not secured, a Quickness (6) Test is required to avoid being hit by the whipping end(s) for 10S damage.

Electrified Fences/Wires: A character touching such items will suffer 4D Stun damage as if from a Shock Weapon. The character must also suceed a Body (6) Test to remove their paralyzed hands from the fence/wire, or else they will continue to take 4D at the end of each Combat Turn. A character rendered unconscious will take one last 4D zap before
their muscles relax and they slump to the ground. Proper grounding and insulation can reduce this damage.

Fences: Fences may be climbed (see rules in SRComp) or characters may cut through them with clippers at a speed of (Strength/2, round up) meters per minute.

Wire/Tripwire Type Perception Target
Barbed Wire 4
Concertina/Razorwire 3
Monofilament Wire 8
Capacitance Wire 8
Trip Beam (Obvious) 2
Trip Beam (Visible) 6
Trip Beam (Invisible) 12
Mechanical Tripwire 6
Pressure Pad 6
Pressure Mesh 8
Situation Perception Modifier
Camouflaged/Obscured in Brush +1 to +4
Character Distracted/Running +2
Illumination level fluctuated Add +1 to modifier of worst level
Wire Type Grab/Walking/Running Damage
Barbed 3L/4L/6L
Concertina 4M/5M/8M
Monofilament 7S/9S/11S
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