White Noise Generators

The white noise generator1, also known as a WNG, is an essential tool in the average Shadowrunners arsenal. But it is not foolproof nor it is a replacement for good practices.

A typical white noise generator is a small rectangular box with controls and a spears on four sides. The purpose of the device is to emit a cushion of randomized noise so that conversation which interferes with the reception of a conversation and prevents sound from carrying very far. It is effective against long-range microphones such as directional shotgun mics and laser mics or the implanted versions of such things - implanted recorders, hearing amplification and select sound filters as well as the standard mark one ear. White noise generators are also known to interfere with Ultrasound vision and sights2, adding a penalty equal to the rating of the WNG to the target numbers for any actions performed using ultrasound vision.

How to use them

  • Opposed Test3
    • Roll WNG device rating vs listeners device rating or Perception
    • Roll listening device Rating or Perception vs WNG's highest die

Test Results

  • If the generator gets more successes the eavesdropper hears only static
  • If the eavesdropper has more successes he hears the conversation normally
  • In the result of a tie, the eavesdropper wins and can hear the conversation.

Implanted recorders and hearing amplification use the Perception (intelligence) of the character using the device. Many of these implants impart bonuses on the user.

Implant Notes
Implant Reference Notes
Select Sound Filter Sr3 p. 299 Max rating is 5. Each level gives +1 die to listening perception tests. Additionally, use double the filter's level to determine if hearing is blocked.
Hearing Amplification Sr3 p. 299 No bonus. Merely allows one to listen in on a conversation as if he were 10 times closer
High Frequency Sr3 p. 299 No bonus. Allows the user to hear sounds higher than the normal human hearing range
Low Frequency Sr3 p. 299 No bonus. Allows the user to hear sounds lower than the normal human hearing range
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