Weapon Holding Modifiers
Situation Modifier
Dwarf wielding extra-large melee weapon (bo staff, no-dachi, pole arm, claymore) +4
Dwarf/Troll wielding non-racially modified weapon +2
Non-dwarf wielding dwarf-modified weapon +2
Non-troll wielding troll-modified weapon +2
Dwarf wielding troll-modified weapon +4
Troll wielding dwarf-modified weapon +4
Wielding two-handed melee weapon in one hand*
Troll +1 (and -1 Power)
Other +2 (and -2 Power)
Using one-handed melee weapon with two hands@ (+1 Power)
Wielding two-handed firearm with one hand&
Troll +0
Other +2

*Two-handed weapons include pole arms and most weapons with a Reach of 2, plus any other weapon the GM deems in that category.
@One-handed weapons that might be used with two hands include clubs, some swords, the Centurian Battle Axe, and so forth. Knives and other small weapons may not take this modifier.
&Large firearms are anything rifle-sized or larger (Rifle, Shotgun, Assault Rifle, Sniper Rifle, LMG, MMG, HMG, etc)

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