Vices of the Sixth World

Legal vices in 2060 are similar to those of today: alcohol and tobacco. However, a new one has been added; marijuana is legal in all of the nations.

Let's start with the simplest one. Tobacco use has become much more prevalent; the trend around the turn of the century against it has abated with cancer becoming a routinely curable disease and with the ability of many to have new lungs grown. It's back to being regarded, to some degree, as cool among young people. The legal smoking age is still eighteen in the UCAS, sixteen in the CAS and the Native American Nations, but ID is seldom checked. Tobacco use is also allowed to legal adults within the Native American Nations (usually after they have completed the appropriate rituals to pass into adulthood). It is usually consumed as cigarettes and (to a smaller degree) cigars, but pipes are hardly uncommon. With BTL's and Novacoke out there, who cares about a pack of cigarettes?

Alcohol use is also prevalent. Alcohol is cheap, relatively free of major side effects (except with prolonged use), and readily available. It is more prevalent than today, but hardly enjoys the prevalence that it had in, say, the 1950's. The legal drinking age is back to eighteen in most places, with beer being available at sixteen in the CAS and available to legal adults within the native american nations, as above.

Marijuana is usually smoked, though other methods for using this drug are common. It is relatively non-addictive physically, and has few major side-effects (as perceived in 2060).

Marijuana is controlled a bit more heavily than some of the other vices; the legal age for using it is eighteen in most places (21 in the UCAS). It is sold either as pre-rolled cigarettes, as loose-leaf for use in pipes, or is often mixed with tobacco to create cigarettes and cigars. The latter have the effect of being addictive, due to the nicotine, and mind-affecting, due to the THC in the marijuana.

Marijuana use is regarded approximately like alcohol use is today. It's legal, and generally considered fine as long as you don't overdo it. Showing up to work stoned is frowned upon, as is driving under the influence of the drug.

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