Ute Nation

Ute Nation

This nation no longer exists. Even the STC was not able to keep it alive after it finally started to collapse in upon itself. The result was the Provo Race of the newly founded Djotto Serri Nation and the PCC. Both wanting to claim the nation for their own purpose. PCC to keep the land within the NAN and Djotto Serri to create a new Nation where Orks and Trolls had a save haven within the Americas.
The following data is only preserved for historic reasons.

Ute Nation
Great Chief Michael Iron Eyes
Population 3,310,000
SINless Pop. (est.) 23%
Per Capita Income 12,500 =Y=
Below Poverty Level 46%
Megacorporate Affil. 13%
Less than 12 years 31%
GED 43%
4 year degree 20%
Masters or higher 6%
Major Language English (88%)
Currency Nuyen
Capital Provo


If you come to the Ute Nation, be prepared for the worst because you'll find it. The economy is worse than stagnant, the people are xenophobic and the government accomplishes next to nothing. Needless to say, the people within the Ute Nation are not happy. In fact, they are fraggin ticked off. The country is mired in recession and violent protest and acts of political terrorism are a daily occurrence.

Ute has never been an economic powerhouse. The nation only barely keeps going by agrarian development and light manufacturing, but unemployment has always been high and wages are low. The brain drain that followed the purge of most of the non-natives didn't help. For decades, the Ute has teetered along, kept afloat only by support from the other Native American Nations.

Ute's unfriendly image as the "Anglo-buster" state sure hasn't helped either. Since the country was founded, it was made clear by a vocal (but large) minority that Anglos weren't welcome. Right after the Ute was formed, a lot of Anglos were shoved out the door with threats, intimidation and direct violence. Further, harsh immigration laws were dropped in place to keep any more non-natives from moving in, and the ones that stuck it out had to adapt to life as second-class citizens with a regular serving of bias and discrimination.

This attitude problem has probably been the biggest problem for the long-term economic grown in the Ute Nation. The country badly needs the skill sets, labor force, and market boost that a more open immigration policy would bring. Corporations are reluctant to invest in the nation, so they take their business elsewhere.

Some forty years after the founding of the Native American Nations, the Ute Nation is vastly depopulated and its infrastructure is starting to crumble. Education is sliding, roads are failing and its debt bonds are slipping down the ladder of reliability.

So far, the STC has prevented any discussion of default, but there will come a time when something has to give. The Pueblo's annexation of Los Angeles and Southern California has acerbated long standing feelings of resentment between the have-not Ute's and the have-most-of-everything Pueblo. Further accelerating this, is the recent supplanting of the traditional Sioux Military advisers and weapons systems with an increasing number of Japanese systems and instructors. Very slowly, the Ute Nation has isolated itself from the very lifelines it needs to survive.


Executive Branch

Great Chief: Michael Iron-Eyes (Comanche)


The Office of the Great Chief has broad discretionary power, able to issue rulings that the Military and Law Enforcement must follow. He is accountable only to the Tribal Council. He is elected from the Tribal Council or Unity Board by internal vote and is not directly appointed by the people. He faces internal re-election at any time with the call of a vote of no confidence.

Michael Iron Eyes is a Comanche by ethnic roots and takes after the warrior tradition. He has seen the ills of his people not as brought about by themselves, but as mechanization's of the Anglo to recapture what they lost. He favored a more militaristic approach and perhaps military service for the people in the nation. Rumors in the Ute Nation indicated he might have been engaging in back-door deals to upgrade the weaponry of the Ute Military and he invited the Sioux nation to assist in rebuilding the core units.
The problem with that had been the permanent lack of funding of the Nation that finally resulted in it's breakdown in 2080.

Legislative Branch

The Tribal Council

The Tribal Council functions as the junior half of a bicameral legislative branch. It consists of representatives elected by popular vote in the counties of the Nation. Each representative serves a constituency of approximately 50,000 people. Any Citizen of at least 25 percent blood quantum and thirty years of age may hold this post, though none have been elected with less than half blood. Members hold their posts for 4 years, then face reelection.

The Unity Board

The Unity board functions as a senate, or senior half of a bicameral legislative branch. It's members, two per recognized tribe are not elected, but instead hold their position at the appointment of their local tribal government.

Currently recognized major tribal groups number 13, allowing for 26 Members of the Unity Board. Any citizen of at least 80 percent blood quantum may serve, but in practice, only full-bloods do. All candidates to the Unity Board must be of at least 60 years of age, though with unanimous vote of the sitting board members, a candidate may be accepted even if they do not meet the age requirement.

Once appointed, a member serves for life, unless impeached by their home tribe. Due to the permanent nature of the postings, these positions tend to be fairly corrupt and whimsical, unbeholden to the voters. Many tribes treat these positions as send-offs to politically connected elders who are better off in Provo than meddling in local politics.

Judicial Branch

The judicial branch of the Ute Nation is a case study in putting to much faith in a small minority selected at random, in this case, the Magically Active. The Ute Judicial is broken in to two levels of jurisdiction.

The High Court of Elders

Elder Magistrate: Raymond Sykes (Havasupi)
Functioning as the court of appeals and supreme court in one, the High Court oversees the judicial system on a national level. The High Court consists of seven magistrates headed by the Elder Magistrate. They debate both the legality and morality of law and the cases before them, and are explicitly not bound by precedent. This creates for unpredictable law, to say the least.

To be appointed to the High Court of Elders, a candidate must serve at least 4 years as a Shaman-Magistrate. Nominations are forwarded by the Great Chief, and ratified by the Unity Board.

The Shaman-Magistrates

Each County has a Shaman-Magistrate, appointed by the Tribal Council and ratified by the Unity Board. These Shaman-Magistrates oversee local disputes and hear cases, assisted by a small team of assistant Magistrates.

Any citizen of at least 80 percent blood quantum may serve as a Shaman-Magistrate, but in practice, only full-bloods do. Additionally, the candidate must be of at least 40 years of age. No background in law or law enforcement is required, though active magical power (Full Shaman) is mandatory. To serve as an Assitant Magistrate, no magical ability is required.

Other Branches

The Ministry of Self Determination (MSD)

Minister: Jacob Twoskins (Pomo)
The Ministry of Self-Determination was founded as a social outreach program in 2043, focused on teaching skills and investigating claims of foriegn employment abuse of Native Rights. A formerly benign, somewhat impotent ministry, recently it's mission has changed drastically. Empowered by Michael Iron Eyes to seek out those who are undermining the nation, it moved from an outreach program to an investigative tool, freely using magic and other tools to root out those disloyal to the chief or making problems for the nation.

The current leader is Jacob TwoSkins, a close friend of Michael Iron-Eyes. TwoSkins wields the Ministry like a club, using it to crush any opposition to Iron-Eye's reign, real or imagined.

Regional Offices
Idaho Falls
Grand Junction
The Ministry of Defense

Minister: General Roger Two-Eagle (Ouray Ute)
The Ute Military consists of a fairly small core of regular units. Only about 30,000 strong and consisting of a single unified branch (As opposed to an army, an air-force, ect), the Ute Military consists primarily of Ute and Pawnee, though the Comanche have been moving into a dominating roll in the last four years.

The Denver FRFZ's Ute Sector

Governor-Councilor: William Huhuseca (Pawnee)
Administered almost as a separate nation, akin to an Anglo-Reservation, the Denver FRFZ sector controlled by the Ute Nation shares almost no overlap with governmental agencies in the homeland. This was set up early in in the nations statehood to prevent 'corruption' of the people. The Governor-Councilor is appointed by the Great Chief, with William Huhuseca appointed by the previous chief. A Governor-Councilor can only be removed by a vote of both the Tribal Council and the Unity Board.

It bears noting that the Ute sector of the FRFZ receives no representation in the Unity Board or the Tribal Council, but shoulders a heavy tax burden, with Provo treating the area as a cash cow. So far, the Governor-Councilors have been left to run the area as they see fit, but that may change soon.

Other Information

Major Urban Areas

Reno/Carson City

The Reno-Carson City Metroplex sits on the Ute Nation's border with California Free State. With Lake Tahoe providing yet another avenue into the metroplex, this pair of cities find themselves involved in a great deal of border hopping and espionage. Immigrants and illegal traffic moves via land and air as other nations use the natural features of the area to keep a close eye on the chaos in CFS and the nearby Japanese Protectorate of California.

Once the state capital of Nevada back in the USA days, Carson City has seen its population dwindle in the past decades as the political traffic was rerouted to Provo. Still, it managed to limp by as a tourist spot, but when Sacramento was captured by the JPC, the economy simply shriveled up and died almost overnight.

A merger with Reno (a mere thirty miles away) which provided new life for both cities. Reno once saw fame as a gambling capital but long ago lost that title to Las Vegas. Still, the RCC metroplex thrives on tourist traffic for those not willing to go into 'Sin City', as the gaming and shows in Reno are less provocative, more 'wholesome', not to mention fully Native owned. Other income is provided by minor trade with 'back to nature' tours and some small talismongering businesses.


Foreign Relations

California Free State

In the wake of the founding of the Ute Nation, most of the displaced Anglos became refugees in California. As a result, the relations between the Ute Nation and the CFS have never been anything less than tempestuous. While never openly hostile, the two nations have never gotten along, constantly squabbling over water rights, mineral rights and reparations.

The Japanese Protectorate of California

At this time, the Ute Nation and Aztlan are the only nations that recognize the legitimacy of the JPC. The JPC has recently started supplying military advisors and equipment to the Ute Military.

The Pueblo Corporate Council

The Pueblo and the Ute Nation have long been at odds, economically, politically and culturally. While the Ute forced the Anglos from the land, the Pueblo embraced them and their ways. No less than three separate conflicts (Border skirmishes, rather than wars) were fought with the Pueblo between 2038 and 2048. As such, relations with the Pueblo are, and will likely remain, icy at best.

The Sioux Nation

The Sioux Nation, as the 'leader' of the STC, has long been the big brother of the Ute Nation, training and supplying the Ute Military. However, recent shifts in the Ute Nation threaten that special relationship. As of now though, the two nations remain strong allies.


The Ute Nation and Aztlan have a formal exchange of ambassadors, with an Aztlan Embassy in Provo, but Aztechnology is technically forbidden from operating within the borders of the Ute Nation, making for odd politics.

From Squandered Gifts, A Study in Economic Distress

An excerpt from a book by Historian Sarah Dancing Shaman

It can only be surmised that the Ute Nation, a child-nation born of abusive parents, has embraced its fears without a rational discourse unfettered by ethnic rhetoric or entitlement. The tribal system of nepotism and distrust of outsiders cannot support a modern, robust nation. One must simply look to the Pueblo and Salish-Sidhe to see the truth of the matter.

The very nature of the Pueblo Corporate Council is a national being that founds itself on the idea of creating a super tribe, rather than catering to the petty wants and demands of individual tribes. By avoiding the petty rights squabbles, the fracturing of the population through geographic and tribal lines, and a focus on the rule of Law over the arbitrary rule of a local Shaman, the Pueblo Corporate Council has vastly outstripped the Ute Nation in nearly every index.

The Salish have prospered, despite taking a different tact with their national policy. Their governmental structure is not so different from the Ute Nation, but they have encouraged development of technology and education, while encouraging immigration and even allowing the creation of so called 'pink skin' tribes. These tribes of Anglos who are willing work within the bounds of the new Native Order, have provided an amazing resource of both talent and educated workers as the economy of the Salish peoples has roared to life.

These ideas, both consistent and steady application of the rule of Law and a forward-thinking immigration policy, are required to run a modern nation. Is it any wonder, that lacking these things, our young who are lucky enough to finish school choose to migrate away from our ancestral lands and build lives, contribute to the success, of other nations? Until we address these issues, the Ute Nation shall always be a lesser partner in the Native American Nations.

Really Bad Weather

It's a well known secret that the Great Ghost Dance took place somewhere inside the Ute Nation. It's exact location is known only to a small handful of people, most of whom died in the ritual, the rest of whom have never spoken of it. The amazing ritual of blood magic allowed the Dancers to channel mana far beyond the level they should have been able to, causing catastrophic eruptions of no less than four volcanoes in North America. Some say the Mana-Storms that ravage the Ute Nation are Mother Earth's revenge for the effrontery of the Ghost Dance.

Ute Nation suffers from rapidly forming, power storms and bone dry droughts. The weather is so unreliable that agriculture is seriously impacted, with some farms going two or three years without a decent crop. Irrigation can only do so much in a nation that has only one major river.

Sometimes, it's actual Mana-Storms. These come with astonishing speed and dissipate with equal alacrity. Despite efforts by many groups, ranging from the Astral Space Preservation Society to the Dunklezhan Institute of Magical Research, no center for the storms can be located, no pattern to their development noted. Some storms form and linger in one location for hours, while others roar across the landscape in the blink of an eye, giving no warning to those caught in their path. These storms are not whimsical, they are not funny. They kill hundreds of people a year and cause massive property damage. The only 'safe' spot in the entire Ute Nation seems to be the Salt Lake Valley, due to its unique mana ebb.

Corporate Investment

The inhospitable climate of the Ute Nation has traditionally been a barrier to major foreign investment. Saeder Krupp however, has enjoyed a long and profitable cooperation with the SLC-AZ, basing most of its Financial Services for North America in Salt Lake City. Additionally, the lucrative Kennicott Minerals subsidiary employs many in Toolele and Salt Lake Counties. This makes Saeder-Krupp the second largest non-governmental employer in the Ute Nation, despite the fact that it employs very few Native Americans.

Ares Macrotechnologies maintains a top-secret Extraterritorial research facility in the depths of the old Nellis Bombing Range and still maintains Nellis Air Force Base just outside the LVCE, though this is in conjunction with the Ute Ministry of Defense.

In the last few years, since the Japanese takeover of California, the three remaining Japanese Megacorps have moved in to the Ute Nation, primarilly in the Reno and Carson City area. What was heralded as a boon for the Native Population, has been less than stellar. Plagued by reports of worker abuse, company-store style debt cycles and poor safety records, the Japanese are turning a profit at a heavy expense to the environment and the people.

Gaiatronics, as part of its involvement in the LVCE, owns and operates the Hoover Dam, providing electrical power to Los Angeles and Las Vegas. In addition, they maintain a geothermal plant in the SLC-AZ that provides power to Provo.

Almost alone in North America, the Ute Nation is not the home of any corporation of AA status or better. However, the Salt Lake City Autonomous Zone is home to the AA rated 'Deseret Industries', the industrial/financial arm of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Anglo Reservations

Google Maps
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showing North America, the Ute Nation
and its major Anglo Reservations.

Leader: President Marcus Young
The largest Anglo-Reservation in the world, the SLC-AZ (Pronounced Slack-Ass by the Locals) is also one of the most wealthy and educated regions of North America. During the NAN wars, the Mormon population of Utah gave significant material aid and succor to the AIM movement. As a result, when the dust settled, the Sovereign Tribal Council agreed that the Mormons would be given their homeland, but that it would be subservient to the STC as a whole. Efforts by the Ute Nation to exercise greater control over the SLC-AZ have historically been countered by the STC.

The Slack-Ass functions as a nation within a nation, consisting of Webber County, Salt Lake County, Morgan County, Davis County, the western portions of Summit County and the eastern portions of Tooele County. Despite the heavy Mormon influence, the SLC-AZ is not a theocracy, instead being run as a conservative democracy. A council of aldermen and a President run the AZ. It is a policy of the Church of Latter Day Saints that any member of the church who runs for public office must abdicate any church office to do so. The church understands that their lively hood is their neutrality and stability and actively works to ensure the confidence of the public.

Shaman-Magistrate Jonas Taylor administers the lands surrounding the LVCE from Henderson. His daughter, Jennifer Taylor, was recently arrested while attending Boulder University in the Denver FRFZ.


Leader: The Las Vegas Corporate Board (Gaiatronics currently presiding)
The Las Vegas Corporate Enclave was established as a concession to the necessity of maintaining Las Vegas as a center of commerce despite the Ute's preference that all non-native's depart the nation. The LVCE runs as an Anglo-Reservation encompassing most of Las Vegas, providing an economic hub that provide jobs, if indirectly, to the south western section of the Ute Nation. While the LVCE may be staffed entirely by Anglo's and Natives who have residency permits, the trucking, the services and all the logistics to run the massive tourist complex that is Las Vegas are all native run.

The Paiute Tribe, Novatech, Ares, Gaiatronics and several entertainment companies out of Los Angeles are all members of the Corporate Board that run the city-state. The presidency of that board rotates every year. Currently presiding is Douglas Netter of Giatronics, with NOVAtech slated for the next presidency.

Tribal Makeup

  • Displaced Tribes
    • Pomo
    • Miwok
    • Shasta
    • Pawnee
    • Kansa
  • Nevada-Arizonan Tribes
    • Paiute
    • Shoshone
    • Havasupi
    • Navajo
    • Hopi
    • Yavapai
  • Utah-Coloradan Tribes
    • Goshute
    • Cheyanne
    • Commanche
    • Ute
    • Unitah Ute
    • Ouray Ute

Ute Phrases and Lexicon

Mique Wush Tagooven Hello my friend
Tograyock Thank you
Tuhaye Good
Nooch Ute Person
Noochew Ute People
Pooneekay Vatsoom Ahdtuih I'll see you again
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