Ute Borders

Ute Borders

At first glance, the boundaries surrounding the Ute territory seem the easiest to penetrate of all sector borders. Fences run along most of the border's length, with walls comprising only a few kilometers of the barriers around the most sensitive areas. The fences mount sensors to detect crossing attempts, but they're far less sophisticated than those used by other territories. The Ute portion of the no man's land contains pressure detectors and other sensors, but no land mines or other lethal surprises. Standard border patrols appear infrequently and irregularly (though "containment teams" respond swiftly and efficiently to any invasion alarms). Compared to Aztlan Territory (sensors and sentry guns) or Pueblo Territory (armed surveillance drones), the Ute boundaries seem sadly under-guarded.

How is it, then, that the Ute territory record for detecting and responding to border breaches is better than Aztlan's and just a hair short of Pueblo's?

Simple question, simple answer: Magic. As anyone who astrally assenses the Ute border can attest, an astounding number and variety of astral beings prowl the no man's land and the fence lines- mainly spirits, but a smattering of elementals as well.

Most times, the spirits respond to intrusion attempts by summoning mundane resources-for example, whistling up a couple of Ute security fire teams in a Citymaster or LAV. Under some circumstances, however, they take matters into their own hands, usually with a rather messy ending.

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