Ucas Borders

UCAS Borders

The UCAS (the U.S. at that point) was the first of the Treaty of Denver signatories to establish an autonomous sector and hide behind walls. Literally: a wall more than 75 kllcks long marked the original border of the U.S. Sector. Several "adjustments" occurred between 2018 and 205S, and so the current borders no longer match the original line of thee wall. The UCAS has managed to put to good use many lessons it learned in those bygone days.

The UCAS Sector still protects its border with more klicks of wall than any other sector, including those hyper-paranoids in Aztlan. Throughout the Denver and Colorado Springs metro areas, a 6-meter-high wall - topped with razorwire and monowire and bristling with imaging systems and sensors - lines the UCAS slde of the border, keeping watch over no man's land. Only the rural stretches of the line use standard fences instead of plascrete slabs. The UCAS doesn't mine the no man's land, nor does it mount manned patrols of the area during the day. After dark, guard,dog patrols cover the UCAS side.,

Along the stretches of fence away from the city, the UCAS heavily mines its portion of no man's land. Patrols on the UCAS
side of the fence putterr around in GMC Banshee LAVs and Yellowjacket rotorcraft with non-standard armor. The LAV crews usually extend their surveillance range by hanging one or more drones in the air at all times.

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