Population 955,000
SINless Population (est.) 11%
Per Capita Income 15,500 =Y=
Below Poverty Level 29%
Megacorporate Affiliation 13%
Less than 12 years 23%
GED 53%
4 year degree 22%
Masters or higher 2%
Major Language English (85%),
Tsimshian (22%),
Japanese (15%)
Currency Nuyen
Capital Kitimat

Tsimshian seceded from the Native American Nations in 2037 after a series of disputes. Foremost among these were Tsimshian's strict immigration policies that banned even other Native Americans. Also, it oppressed minority tribes and has a desire to free itself of the strict environmental policies and regulations that were imposed on it. The country's autonomy allowed it to pursue a reckless and systematic exploitation of the natural resources, specifically logging and mining, which propped up its failing economy for the next twenty years. Slowly but surely, however, it became apparent that they were in for a financial collapse.

Nearly bankrupts and too proud to turn back to the Native American Nations for financial support, Tsimshian was finally forced to accept a deal from Mitsuhama. This deal would assist the country by allowing Mitsuhama to capitalize on its remaining resources, relocate manufacturing plants and invest heavily - all to revitalize the economy. Mitsuhama also agreed to supply the Tsimshian military with state of the art equipment and training. In exchange, Mitsuhama received exclusive access to critical resources including a wealth of manganese deposits located in the coastal waters. The megacorporation was also made exempt from strict regulations, effectively opening the gates for corporate expansion and dropping all pretense of environmental protection. While the deal opened the country to other interests, MCT clearly had preferential status.

Wasting no time, dozens of MCT subsidiaries landed on Tsimshian soil nearly overnight, quickly followed by other corporations. While the first few years were turbulent, once the economy began to improve things looked up. However, Tsimshian had made a bargain with the devil and it is now all too apparent that the country cannot survive without Mitsuhama, which basically puts them in the companies control. And now MCT and the other corporate interests can slowly, but surely, strip the country clean and leave devastation in their wake.

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