Transformation Manipulation Spells Information

Transformation Manipulation Spell Information

Alter Temperature

This spell can change the ambient temperature in an area, increasing or decreasing it by 5 degrees centigrade for every 2 successes, with a maximum change equal to the spell’s Force times 5 degrees (for example, a Force 4 spell could alter the temperature no more than plus or minus 20 degrees centigrade). The gamemaster may judge any effects of extreme temperature on the area affected, but usually sufficiently high or low temperatures will cause characters without proper protection to suffer 4L Stun damage each minute of exposure. The temperature may also interfere with the operation of some machines.


This spell creates a glowing field of magical energy around the target that protects against impact and ballistic damage. One success is enough to create the magical field around the character of an Armor Rating equal to the Force of the spell. The Armor spell is compatible with all armor types and adds its rating to the rating of the physical armor being worn. This spell either works or it doesn’t; extra successes do not add additional points to the Armor Rating.

Astral Armor

This is an astral version of the Armor spell . It protects a single subject from astral combat attacks and only works in astral space. One success surrounds the character with a magical field that provides an Armor Rating equal to the Force of the spell. Extra successes do not add additional armor. This spell does not protect the subject from the effects of background count or mana warps.

Astral Barrier and Physical Barrier

Barrier spells create glowing, translucent force fields. One success is sufficient to form a field with a Barrier Rating equal to the spell’s Force. Every two successes increase the Barrier Rating by 1.

The caster can form the barrier as a dome with a radius and height equal to the spell’s normal radius. The caster can also form a wall with a height equal to the spell’s Force in meters and a length equal to the caster’s Magic Attribute. The caster can adjust the size of the barrier the same as the radius of an area spell.

Physical Barrier creates a physical wall. Anything the size of a molecule (or less) can pass through the barrier, including air or other gases. Anything bigger treats the barrier as a normal physical wall. Attacks directed through a barrier have a Visibility Modifier of +1. The barrier does not impede spells, except for elemental spells, just like translucent glass. The barrier can be brought down by physical attacks. Any reductions in Barrier Rating are restored at the beginning of the next Combat Turn. If the barrier is penetrated, it collapses and the spell ends. Physical Barrier cannot be used on the astral plane.

Astral Barrier functions the same as Physical Barrier, except on the astral plane. Astral Barrier is not a dual barrier and does not work on the physical plane.

Clean (Element)

This area spell clears all impurities out of a volume of air, earth, or water, leaving it completely clean. Each element requires a separate spell. For example, Clean Air could be used to cleanse a room of toxic fumes, or Clean Water could purify a drinking supply. Successes determine how thoroughly the element is cleaned; muddy water would require only 1 or 2 successes to clean, but contaminated runoff could require as many as 5 successes to make it drinkable.

Control Fire

This area-effect spell controls normal flames within line of sight. The target number is the Power Rating of the flames. The caster can cause the flames to move up to 1 meter per success, provided there is fuel for them to burn. The caster can also cause the flames to flare or die out, increasing or decreasing the Power Rating by 1 for every 2 successes (with a maximum change in Power equal to Force). This spell cannot affect magical fire (such as fire elementals) but can affect flames created by the effects of spells such as Ignite or those created by elemental effect (fire) spells.

Small campfires typically have a Power of 3 or 4, but a burning building or forest fire may have a Power as high as 15 or 20.

Create Food

This spell produces food out of thin air. The number of successes (to a maximum of the spell’s Force) equals the number of adult humans the food will serve. Created food is plain but filling. With the gamemaster’s permission, extra successes can be used to improve the quality of the food.

Dark Armor

This spell creates an invisible field of magical armor around the target. Its Impact and Ballistic armor rating are equal to the force of the spell. The spell stacks with standard worn armor and cybernetic armor, as well as adept powers. It does not (itself) count as layering or toward combat pool penalties. In all other effects it functions as regular non-hardened worn armor in all other respects.


This spell instantly tailors clothing, transforming garments into any fashion the caster wishes. The successes measure the degree of style in the tailoring. The spell cannot change clothing’s protective value, only its cut, color and fit. The weight of the clothing does not change, and it must cover approximately the same amount of area (a jump suit can’t be converted into a bikini). This spell cannot change clothing with a total Armor Rating (ballistic and impact) higher than Force (+1 per 2 successes). The caster must touch the clothing.

Fire Wall

Creates a wall of flames with a height equal to half the spell’s Force in meters and a length or radius equal to half the caster’s Magic. The flames do (Force)M damage to anything coming in contact with them and provide Partial Cover for anyone behind the wall. A Firewall is not solid and does not block attacks, though it may ignite objects that pass through it with a successful elemental secondary effects roll.


The Fix spell repairs damage to non-living materials, including vehicles. The caster must touch the object. Fix can repair any item with a weight equal to the caster’s Magic in kilograms or less. It can only repair broken items when all the pieces are present. Each success repairs 1 point of Barrier Rating (or box of damage), up to a maximum equal to the Force of the spell. The Fix spell can only be used once to repair any set of damage.

Flame Aura

The Flame Aura spell creates a rippling aura of flames around a subject’s body, extending out a number of centimeters equal to the spell’s successes.

Anyone attacking the subject in melee combat must resist (Force)M damage. Impact Armor protects against this damage if the gamemaster decides the attacker struck with an armored portion of his or her body. Any successful melee attack made by a being surrounded by a flame aura increases the Power of its Damage Code by +2.

House Ruling: If this spell is used on a weapon that does only stun damage, then the attack from the weapon does stun damage at its normal power level as per normal. Then, the target must resist an additional amount of physical damage equal to (STR+2) L. This damage is not staged by succeses or other effects that affect the 'primary' damage of the weapon.

Freeze Water

This area-effect spell turns water into ice. It does not affect living beings (including spirits). If the spell is used in a large body of water, it freezes all water in its range. Water freezing in containers or pipes may cause them to burst. The ice created by the spell melts normally according to the ambient temperature. Increase the target number of this spell if cast on especially polluted water. The number of successes (up to a maximum equal to Force) determines the degree to which the water is frozen. For example, if cast during a rainstorm, 1 success would create sleet in an area, 3 successes would create snow, and 5 hail.

Glue and Glue Strip

This spell bonds the target to one surface with which it is currently in contact, with a Strength equal to the Force of the spell. Pulling the two surfaces apart requires a successful Strength (Force) Test with a number of successes greater than the successes achieved on the Sorcery Test. If either surface has a Barrier Rating lower than the strength of the bond, that surface will be torn apart in the process of being separated (living subjects take Moderate damage, staged down by extra successes from the Strength Test).

Ice Sheet

This spell creates a flat sheet of ice covering a radius equal to the caster’s Magic Attribute in meters. Characters crossing the sheet must make a Quickness (Force) Test to avoid falling prone, adding +1 to the targer number for every 2 successes, up to a maximum bonus equal to the Force of the spell. Vehicles must make a Crash Test. The sheet melts at a rate of 1 square meter per minute in normal temperatures


The Ignite spell accelerates molecular motion in the target, causing it to catch fire. The spell’s Threshold is half the target’s Body or Barrier Rating. The base time for the target to ignite is 10 turns, divided by the number of successes over the Threshold, limited to a number of successes equal to the spell’s force. Once the target ignites, it burns normally until it burns up or is extinguished by smothering or water.

Ignite wraps a living target in flames, causing 6M damage on the first turn. The Power increases by 1 per Combat Turn. Resolve the damage at the end of each turn by making a Damage Resistance Test. Impact Armor protects against this damage. Ammo or explosives carried by a victim may explode. If flames are not extinguished, they burn out in 1D6 Combat Turns.


This spell creates a mobile point of light, illuminating a radius around it equal to the caster’s Magic in meters. The spell cannot be used to blind, but does offset darkness visibility modifiers, each success on the Sorcery Test counters a +1 modifier, up to a maximum equal to the spell’s Force.

Limited Armor

This version of the Armor spell only offers protection from a specific type of damage. Each type of damage is a different spell. Types of limited armor include: Blade (all bladed weapons), Blast (grenades and other explosives), Bullet (bullets and other ballistic weapons), Cold (all cold and ice elemental effects), Heat (heat and fire, including elemental fire spells), and any others approved by the gamemaster.

Limited Physical Barrier

This version of the Physical Barrier spell only offers protection from a specific type of damage. Each type of damage is a different spell. See Limited Armor for types of limited physical barriers.


This spell creates a complete makeover for a voluntary subject, including cosmetics, hair and clothes. It even polishes teeth and eliminates plaque. Changes are as permanent as those made in a beauty salon. The number of successes measures the degree of style in the makeover.

Mana Static

This area-effect spell creates a background count of 1 for every 2 successes the caster rolls (up to a maximum background count equal to the Force of the spell or 5, whichever is lower). As with normal background count, the static increases the target numbers of all magical tests made in the area, including the caster’s. Once the spell is made permanent, the background count begins to recede at a rate of 1 point per hour.


Creates a thick fog that fills an area with a radius equal to the caster’s Magic in meters. The fog is dense and difficult to see through, imposing a +1 vision penalty for every 2 successes (up to a maximum modifier of the spell’s Force or +8, whichever is less). The mist dissipates quickly, based on the surrounding temperature and winds; reduce the vision modifier by –2 per Combat Turn.


Petrify transforms living tissue into stone-like calcium carbonate. The Threshold is half the target’s Body. Non-living material—including clothing, gear and cyberware — is not affected. The target is not conscious while under the effects of this spell, and any damage suffered by the stone-like form affects the target normally. While petrified, the target has a Barrier Rating equal to Body + the Force of the Petrify spell.


This spell increases the Barrier Rating of an object no larger than the caster’s Magic in square meters. Every 2 successes increase the Barrier Rating by +1, with a maximum increase equal to the Force of the spell.


Shadow creates a globe of darkness with a radius equal to the caster’s Magic Attribute in meters. Every success imposes a +1 Visibility Modifier against targets within the area, up to a maximum of +8 or the Force of the spell (whichever is less).

Shapechange and Transform

Shapechange changes a voluntary target into a normal critter, chosen by the caster. The Threshold is equal to half the target’s Body plus the difference between the critter’s and the target’s unaugmented Body Attributes. (This difference cannot exceed the spell’s Force.) For example, shapechanging a Body 3 human into a Body 8 tiger requires the spellcaster to beat a Threshold of 6 [(3 ÷ 2) = 1, 1 + (8 – 3). Use the critter statistics given on p. 19 of Critters. If the critter form being taken has an Armor Rating, add the armor to Body for determining the Threshold.

A shapechanged character uses the critter’s physical Attributes and their own mental Attributes, calculating Reaction and Combat Pool normally. Shapechanged characters do not receive any extra Initiative dice (even if the critter does), but they do get the critter’s Reach bonus, if any. At the gamemaster’s discretion, physical attacks by a shapechanged character may be treated as attacks with hand razors or spurs to reflect claws and teeth.

The Shapechange spell does not transform clothing or equipment, which may be ripped or destroyed during the change. Cyberware, paid for with Essence, is transformed into the critter form but cannot be used in that form. Shapechanged characters may cast spells and conjure, but they cannot speak and are otherwise limited by the critter’s form.

Transform is a variant of Shapechange that can be used on involuntary targets.

Spell Shield and Spell Wall

Spell Shield adds half the caster’s successes (round down, with a maximum bonus equal to Force) to the target numbers of any spells cast at the subject. Spell Shield works on both the physical and astral planes.

Spell Wall is an area version of Spell Shield that forms a dome with a radius and height equal to the caster’s Magic Attribute in meters. Any targets within the dome are protected from spells cast by characters outside the dome.

Spirit Barrier

Spirit Barrier is a variant of Astral Barrier that only works against spirits, including materialized spirits. Spirit Barrier also impedes the use of spirit powers.


This area-effect spell kills bacteria and other microorganisms and destroys material such as skin flakes, stray hairs and spilled blood. Organic material affected by this spell cannot be used as a material link (see Ritual Sorcery, p. 34). Because the spell does not affect biomaterial attached to a living being, it does not kill the various helpful and harmful microorganisms living inside a creature.

In game terms, each success achieved in casting this spell (up to a maximum equal to the spell’s Force) adds a +2 target number modifier to any skill tests made to collect and use sterilized biomaterial to identify someone.


This spell produces a fierce gust of wind in whatever direction the caster desires, affecting an area with a radius equal to the caster’s Magic Attribute in meters. The Strength of the gust is equal to the successes on the Sorcery Test (up to the Force of the spell), and it can scatter light objects such as paper and leaves. Freestanding items with a Barrier Rating lower than the spell’s Strength are knocked over. Living targets in the area of effect must make a Knockdown Test against the Strength of the spell when the spell is cast and at the beginning of each Combat Turn.

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