Transformation Manipulation Spells
Transformation Manipulation Spells
Spell Type Target Duration Range Drain
Alter Temperature P 4 S LOS(A) +2(M)
Armor P 6 S LOS +2(M)
Astral Armor M 6 S LOS +1(M)
Astral Barrier M 6 S LOS(A) +1(S)
Clean (Element) P 6 P LOS(A) +1(S)
Control Fire P Power of Fire S LOS(A) +2(M)
Create Food P 4 P LOS +1(S)
Dark Armor P 6 S LOS +2(S)
Fashion P 6 P T +1(L)
Firewall P 4 S LOS(A) +2(S)
Fix P OR P T (S)
Flame Aura P 4 S LOS +2(M)
Freeze Water P 4 S LOS(A) +1(M)
Glue P 4 S LOS +2(M)
Glue Strip P 4 S LOS(A) +2(S)
Ice Sheet P 4 I LOS(A) +1(S)
Ignite P 4(T) P LOS +1(D)
Light P 4 S LOS(A) +2(M)
Limited Armor P 6 S LOS +2(M)
Limited Physical Barrier P 6 S LOS(A) +2(M)
Makeover P 6(V) P LOS +1(M)
Mana Static M 4 P LOS(A) +1(M)
Mist P 4 I LOS(A) +1(M)
Petrify P B(T) S LOS +1(S)
Physical Barrier P 6 S LOS(A) +2(S)
Reinforce P OR S LOS +1(M)
Shadow P 4 S LOS(A) +2(M)
Shapechange P B(T)(V) S LOS +1(M)
Spell Shield M 6 S LOS (M)
Spell Wall M 6 S LOS(A) (S)
Spirit Barrier M 6 S LOS(A) (S)
Sterilize P 4 I LOS(A) +1(M)
Transform P B(T) S LOS +1(S)
Wind P 4 S LOS(A) +2(M)
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