Tir Na Nog

Tir Na Nog

Tir Na Nog

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Population 3,724,158
SINless Population (est.) 9%
Per Capita Income 23,000
Below Poverty Level 22%
Megacorporate Affiliation 14%
Less than 12 years 9%
GED 51%
4 year degree 26%
Masters or higher 14%
Major Language English (95%)
Currency Punt
(1 punt = 0.7 =Y=)
Capital Dublin

Tír na nÓg (Land of the Ever-Young) is located west of the United Kingdom, and covers the entire national territory of former Ireland and Northern Ireland. The country is divided in five provinces. Ulster in the north, Meath in the east, Leinster in the southeast, Munster in the southwest and Connaught in the west.

Tir Na Nog, like Ireland before it, is a land in turmoil. Prior to Halley's Comet, its conflicts were kept largely beneath the surface, with occasional outbursts from "terrorists" among the few visible sources of strife. Afterword, the veneer of stability was pulled back; new tensions and strange magics plague the country. The grip that the Seelie Court and Danaan families have on the country is slipping, thanks mainly to the efforts of the Unseelie Court and its numerous allies. The authorities' inability to control the wild magic affecting the country is another crack in the facade; knowledgeable folk think this may be a price the country is paying for the ruling elves' profligate and not-entirely-healthy use of magic.

Tir Na Nog is steeped in magic-not only in power sites and tradition, but in the percentage of its wielders as well as wild creatures outside of the cities, castles and other settlements. Now it suffers from over-saturation to such an extent that it is out of control, with extraordinarily high background counts in some areas and extreme mana ebbs and flares.

The Veil that surrounds Tir Na Nog in an attempt to isolate the island from outsiders is only barely understood. Some whisper that the Veil is an advanced combination of both technology and magic, while most simply assume that the Veil is a magical tool that aids the Tfr's standard technological and magical border defenses. The Veil stands 12 to 18 kilometers from Tir shores, extending 20 meters above sea level (and possibly below it as well). It usually appears as a swirling wall of fog, though it sometimes is invisible or represented by a chaotic nimbus with dancing lights and odd visual and audio effects. Since the comet passed, the Veil is anything but predictable.

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