The United Kingdom

The United Kingdom

The United Kingdom
Population 58,000,000
SINless Population (est.) 18%
Per Capita Income 27,500
Below Poverty Level 38%
Megacorporate Affiliation 44%
Less than 12 years 13%
GED 46%
4 year degree 29%
Masters or higher 12%
Major Language English (92%)
Currency Pound Sterling
(1 Pound = 0.55 =Y=)
Capital London

The United Kingdom is no longer so united; it's a pressure cooker that has been boiling for way too long. The growing civil unrest has the potential to affect drastic changes to the country's makeup. The question is, will the revolution-in-the-making succeed peacefully, will it falter or be co-opted by reforms, or will it spin out of control with violence?

The embryonic social movement is made up of tens thousands of Britons dissatisfied with their lot and with the government's heavy-handedness. In truth, the movement is simply the congregation of hundreds of special interest groups, students, unions and policlubs under one banner, all pushing for a change in the status quo. British society is polarized and tensions have reached a boiling point; these are the people who fill the streets at rallies, strikes and anti-establishment festivals.

In the shadows of this movement, a core group composed of radicals pulled from the larger movement and dubbed the Pendragon Underground is organizing itself with a clandestine cell structure. Their mission is to aid and abet the Pendragon, to organize the movement factions, to raid government offices, to seed anti-establishment unrest and to rally support for the Cause by any means possible. This agenda places them squarely at odds with the power structure in Britain, but also with other forces within the movement itself.

Depending on who you listen to, The Pendragon might be the embodied Spirit of the Land, King Arthur reborn or simply a long-lost descendant of the Windsor line. As far as anyone truly knows, the title is simply a media label slapped on an anti-establishment vigilante, but many an Englishman is starting to think otherwise. What is certain is that the Pendragon is a thorn in the side of the Lord Protector and possesses an uncanny knack for evading the forces of law and order. Given the magic the NDM can bring to bear to aid the authorities, that's saying a lot. The mystery extends to the sword Pendragon carries - is it really Excalibur or something else entirely?

Some suspect that the Pendragon (and possible the movement at large) secretly gets support from some of the New Druidic Movement factions and possibly other powerful individuals, such as Lady Rhiannon Glendower or even the old elven sorcerer named Hessler who is said to follow the Pendragon around. Without such inside connections, many are at
a loss to explain how the Pendragon knows what he does, and how is so easily able to expose scandals and wrongdoings.

SURGE hit the UK with approximately twice the global average. The boffins put it down to ethnic diversity and environmental breakdown affecting genetic drift. Whatever the case, it caused outbreaks of race riots. The police quelled the disturbances and the army enforced curfews in the more turbulent areas. Shortly thereafter, legislation was brought in requiring the mandatory registration of SURGE "victims." This official discrimination drove many morphs into the fringes of UK society, where they've formed their own communities.

Though the first visible blows have only recently been seen, Britain is in fact a battleground for magical power. The potent, institutional and influential New Druidic Movement has grown complacent in its privilege and the true druids have seized the opportunity to challenge its control of the mystical power sites and ley lines that proliferate in England's

Halloween 2063 a mysterious island appeared abruptly in the English Channel. No records whatsoever of seismic activity. It appeared over the location of the fabled sunken druidic island at the termination point of the Stalker and Stonehenge Great Leys. An ESUS freighter reported the first sighting after almost running straight into it, and it wasn't long before the media had jumped upon the story. Not half as quickly as the NOM and LPO, though-they had the Royal Navy establishing a perimeter within the hour. Since then, the LPO has generously granted the druids continued use of Britain's military assets in the "pursuit of the nation's interests."

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