The Railslums
Name The Railslums
Location Ute/Sioux FTZ
+poof ah/13
Lifestyle Low
Rent Per Month 450 (15/night), 100 Deposit
Rooms 1
SIN Required No

The Railslum

The Railslums are situated in the Ute Sector. They're a collection of rail cars that have been converted into housing for a large number of squatters. The community is managed by Quervo Jones who sets down the rules and enforces them with help from his two "deputies".

The street finds its own uses, this has never been so evident as it is here in the rail slums. At some point there might have been a train wreck, this is shown by a few bent rails that long ago rusted. By the looks of things the state couldn't have been bothered by cleaning up, they just left the rail cars behind. Through creativity and work the cars have been arranged in some sort of order. Life has began to fill this area, people can be seen wandering past cook fires. Tattered clothes hang from lines and eyes peer out of darkened area when strangers wander into this grand squatters camp.


The Railslums
Low-end Low Lifestyle
This is the bottom of the line for a number of citizens, as well as shadowrunners hiding from law enforcement or so far down on their luck they cannot even afford to get to The Crank.

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