The Kingdom Of Hawai'i

The Kingdom of Hawai'i

The Kingdom of Hawai'i
Population 4,108,229
SINless Population (est.) 7%
Per Capita Income 20,000
Below Poverty Level 10%
Megacorporate Affiliation 64%
GED 30%
4 year degree 24%
Masters or higher 1%
Major Language English
Currency Nuyen
Capital Honolulu

Right off the bat lets get the name straight. It is Hawai'i (pronounced ha-VEYE-ee, with a noticeable glottal stop before the final syllable (set off with the apostrophe)). Spelling it wrong and saying it wrong marks you as a tourist for one, and rude as well so be advised.

Hawai'i broke away from the United States in 2017, a turbulent time for the USA to be sure. Backed by Great Form spirits, yakuza mobilized civilians, and other forces marched in the shadow of the exploding volcanoes and took the island nation away from the USA, returning it to a Kingdom again under the rule of King Kamehameha IV, who declared sovereignty on August 22 of 2017.

With a contingent of corporations led by Yamatetsu, who had already been petitioning in Washington DC for Hawai'i to be allowed their sovereignty, the USA gave in and acknowledged King Kamehameha's claim publicly, although some of their agreement can be laid at the feet of the Great Ghost Dance.

The modern day Kingdom of Hawai'i owes its strong economy to tourism and virtually unfettered megacorporate activity. The nation remains a favorite vacation spot for high-ranking corporate executives found the world over and the Waikiki region of Honolulu caters exclusively to this group. The majority of the nation's wealth, however, comes comes from its status as a free port for megacorporate trade and other business transactions. In exchange for corporate help in gaining independence, Hawai'i's king promised the megacorps more latitude than they enjoy almost anywhere else in the world, and those policies largely went into effect. The sheer volume of trade funneled through Hawai'i guaranties that the government's coffers are never empty, despite the Kingdom's low tax rate. At the same time, the huge volume of trade benefits all kinds of local companies.

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