The Crank
Name The Crank
Location The Warrens
+poof ah/2
Lifestyle Low
Rent Per Month 990 (33/night)
Rooms 1
SIN Required No

The Crank

This is a rugged looking three story building with an occasional window mostly intact. The neon sign announcing the building as "The Crank Apartment Facility" has been abused and now only reads "The Crank". The sign doesn't light up and it hangs at an angle over the front door of the brick building. Everyone in the area knows its a low rent status apartment building and can direct people to it if asked.

The Crank is a run down apartment building in the Sprawl — not the best area to hang out. Still, if you're looking for a place to stash your gear and yourself to sleep that doesn't ask a lot of questions, this is a good place to check out. The manager smells like crap, but he'll take your cred and not even ask for a SIN. There are two floors, and not as many bugs on the second floor.


The Crank
High-end Low Lifestyle
This is a lot larger than Sal's, being a full sized studio style apartment, but it's no where near as nice. With a serious leakage problem, rodents, pests and horribly thin walls, living in the Crank is an exercise in performance art or a last resort. Located in the northside of the Warrens, it's prone to gang violence. On the plus side, the power stays on and water is on 50 percent of the time.

>>>>> [ For when you absolutely can't afford anything better. But hey, where else will you find an all-the-roaches-you-can-eat buffet? ] <<<<<
— Eastwood 3:16 (10:12:51/03-09-70)

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