The Bastille

The Bastille, Secure living in Aurora.

"We won't keep you in style, but we will keep you safe."

The Bastille is a medium-lifestyle facility in Denver's Aurora Warrens. Before the treaty of Denver, some 50 years ago, it was an upscale apartment block. However, the Bastille has been rebuilt so many times it no longer resembles an apartment building. Now, after riots, after wars, after disease, the Bastille resembles it's namesake, a fortress.

Featuring one bedroom apartments with full kitchen and bath, it's clientele are not the average Warrens residents, those hopeless dregs of society with no hope, but those rare people who choose to live in the Warrens. As such, it focuses on Security, with a small live-in security team and agreements with several neighborhood gangs for protection.

The underground garage houses enough room for each tenant to park two cars, clean water is provided by an on-site well and filtration system, while heating oil is trucked in weekly. Satellite brings in Matrix and Trid service. Each apartment features a 40 square meter bedroom, an 150 square meter living space with 80 meters set aside for workshop areas, and a 16 square meter Storage room, for a total usable space of 206 square meters.

No SINcheck is required at the Bastille, but rates to live here are higher than other 'medium' lifestyle facilities elsewhere in Denver. So long as tenants do not cause harm to others, anything goes inside the apartments.

Rent: 8250 Nuyen Per month, 10,000 deposit, 60 days minimum term, 2,000 nuyen bribe. Move in fees amount to 28,500 Nuyen. SINless pay a 25 percent premium on top of this.

Rooms: 3, with main room designed to accommodate a small workshop.

Name The Bastille
Location The Warrens
+poof ah/11 (bastille)
Lifestyle Medium-High
Rent Per Month 8,250+
Rooms 3


>>>>> [ Expensive for the amenities offered - but the level of security and privacy more than makes up for it. Aside from everything else, it makes for a good home away from home when the heat's on - just don't get tracked back there, or security will toss your ass out in front of the SWAT team Law Enforcement dispatched to come fetch you. ] <<<<<
— Eastwood 3:16 (11:13:21/03-09-70)

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