Population 8,087,000
SINless Population (est.) 6%
Per Capita Income 31,000
Below Poverty Level 10%
Megacorporate Affiliation 15%
Less than 12 years 5%
GED 42%
4 year degree 37%
Masters or higher 16%
Major Language German (76%)
Currency Swiss Franc
(1 Swiss Franc= 2 =Y=)
Capital Berne

Switzerland is an outsider among other European countries, fighting a war against the Awakening for fifty years and losing. Anti-metahuman prejudice is common in Switzerland, and the Swiss also have a strong bias against foreigners and magicians.

The mere existence of magic and metahumanity evoked our common mistrust of things foreign or alien, a sentiment deeply rooted in the Swiss mentality. Solving the matter the Swiss way, several quickly established laws ensured the Awakening's spawn were prevented from entering our country and the affected natives were invited to leave. The Genom Corporation misguidedly went as far as imprisoning metahumans in transit quarantine camps against their will after misidentifying Goblinization as an unidentified disease, but they were just looking after the public interest. Even after prevailing "scientific opinion" declared that metahumans were just another subspecies of human, the Swiss did not change their minds. Thus, the Metahuman Segregation Law (MSL) was established, declaring that metahumans did not have the same civil rights and citizenship guarantees as humans-including the right to reside within Swiss borders.

The MSL fueled the fires of political and civil conflict, but even endless debates and the resistance of the French-Swiss cantons could not prevent its commencement. A second step to protect the Swiss from Awakened oddities was undertaken in 2024, regimenting magical practices under strict laws and thereby limiting the use of magic almost exclusively to government or corporate personnel. Elves and dwarfs were later excluded from the MSL after the unexpected success of the newly founded Parti des Metahumains (POM) during the elections of '48. Orks, trolls and various so-called "metavariants," however, are still restricted from obtaining citizenship in the bulk of Switzerland.

The arrival of SURGE during the chaos of Halley's Comet passing led to renewed attacks as a new wave of mutants
transformed throughout the Eidgenossenschaft, even in the liberal CSF. Human changelings are not declared metahuman (and thereby not restricted by the MSL) so far; they are allowed to keep Swiss nationality, though they are barely tolerated within Swiss borders.

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