Survival Test Table

Survival Test Table

Wilderness Terrain Base Target Number
Arctic or Antarctic 8
Desert 6
Forest 4
Jungle 5
Low Foothills or Mountains 5
High Mountains 6
Plains 4
Swamp 5
Tundra 5
Situation Target Number Modifiers
Camping/Survival Gear On Hand
Full Set -2
Partial Set -1
Rations Available -1
No Food or Water +2
Heat/Climate Control Available -1
Inappropriate Clothing/Armor +1 to +4
Extended Travel or Exertion +1 to +4
Toxic Terrain +2 to +4
Weather Conditions
Poor +1
Terrible +2
Extreme +4
Unfavorable Season +2
Character Body Attribute *
6-12 -1
13+ -2
Character Injured +Wound Modifier

* Modifier does not apply for Group Test

Survival Table Notes

Camping Gear On Hand: This modifier applies if the character has camping gear appropriate to the climate (sleeping bag and tent minimum). For group tests, at least half of the group must be so equipped. If the majority only has a partial set, only a -1 modifier applies.

Rations and Water Available: The modifier applies if the character has enough rations and water, or if the group has enough rations to feed at least half the characters for that day.

No Food or Water: This modifier applies if the character (or at least half the characters in the group) goes through the day without eating or drinking water.

Heat/Climate Control Available: This modifier applies if the character/group has or can create a heating or cooling source for the appropriate climate (heat for mild and cold climates, cooling for hot climates). This includes fire, gas or electric heaters, fans and also vehicles (assuming the appropriate climate control is functional).

Inappropriate clothing/Armor: This modifier applies if the character (or at least half the group) is improperly dressed. Base the severity of the modifier on the situation. For example, not wearing head covering in the desert adds +1, wearing armor clothing in the jungle adds +2, wearing light clothing in the Antarctic adds +4.

Extended Travel or Exertions: This modifier applies if the character (or group) overextends herself through sustained travel (more than 8 hours, or travel in the day in the desert) or heavy physical activity (digging a latrine, operating without sleep, carrying a wounded comrade.)

Toxic Terrain: Any area that is heavily polluted or environmentally scarred will have this modifier.

Weather: Inclement weather imposes a modifier dependent on the circumstances. In mild or cold climates, normal rain or snow or winds constitute Poor weather, thunderstorms or gale force winds constitute Terrible weather while major blizzards or white outs are Extreme weather. In hot climates, an unusually hot day constitutes Poor weather, an excessively hot day (one that would trigger a heat alert) is Terrible weather and a cyclone or sandstorm constitutes Extreme weather.

Unfavorable Season: An Unfavorable Season modifier applies if the character/group is outdoors during a season that would exacerbate bad conditions (winter for mild or cold climates, summer for hot.)

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