Suppressive Fire

Suppressive Fire

Suppressive Fire requires:

  • A weapon capable of firing on full-autofire
  • A complex action

When using suppressive fire, declare how many bullets are being spent, up to a maximum of the firing rate of the weapon. Then, for each bullet, assign a 1 meter wide column that it will cover. Multiple bullets may be assigned to the same column for increased coverage.

The effects of suppressive fire lasts until:

  • The end of the next Initiative Pass
  • The wielder is knocked unconscious
  • The wielder's next Combat Phase
  • The wielder is knocked prone
  • The wielder is killed

Any character that moves into, across, or begins within an area covered by suppressive fire must make a Dodge Test against a TN of 4, modified ONLY by the character's wound modifiers. However, they must achieve a number of successes equal to or greater than the total bullets covering the area triggering this effect. For example, if moving across 5 columns each covered by 1 bullet, this is as bad as moving across 1 column covered by 5 bullets.

If the character doesn't get enough successes, the wielder makes a normal ranged Attack Test, using ONLY the modifiers for the wielder's wounds, the character's cover (if any), and a +2TN for suppressive fire. Combat pool may not be used. If this attack succeeds, the character immediately makes a Damage Resistance Test against the weapon's Damage Code, staged ONLY by successes. The full-autofire has no effect on the Damage Level or Power.

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