Superflash Grenades

A more potent version of the flash grenade, this device creates a flash effect that can be seen up to 3 kilometers away (even if line of sight is blocked, due to simple scattering by particles in the air). Anyone facing the flash must resist 12M Stun damage due to the sensory overload on the optic nerve, -1 per meter from the point of impact. Flare compensation reduces the power by -2. Armor has no effect and combat pool cannot be used. If a character botches this test, they are permanently blinded.

In addition, the grenade severely affects vision. For targets within 12 meters, apply a +8 penalty to vision. Reduce the penalty by -1 per each meter beyond 12. The superflash is so overwhelming that even targets not directly facing the blast may be affected by light reflected off of walls or other large surfaces. For targets facing away, figure out the closest surface within their field of vision, and calculate the distance to the point of impact to the surface plus the distance from the surface to the character. Use that distance to determine effects. Again, Flare Compensation reduces the penalties by -2. This penalty is reduced by -1 each combat turn.

Lastly, the superflash grenade also creates a blast zone of 1 meter, inflicting 5L damage.

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