Social Tests

Social Tests

Social Situation Target Number Modifier
With respect to the character, the NPC is:
Friendly -2
Neutral +0
Hostile +4
An enemy +6
Suspicious +2
Player's desired result is:
Advantageous to NPC -2
Of no value to NPC +0
Annoying to NPC +2
Harmful to NPC +4
Disastrous to NPC +6


Condition Target Number Modifier
Aggressor's Charisma is 5-6 +1
Aggressor's Charisma is 7+ +2
Control Thoughts/Emotions spell cast on target by aggressor or team mate +1 per success
Aggressor is taller/larger than target +1
Aggressor has more than twice target's Strength +1
Aggressors outnumber the target +2
Aggressor is wearing visible armor, weapon, cyber +1 or more
Aggressor performs visible magic or superhuman act +2
Target's Death imminent (gun to head, etc) +2
Target is physically tortured +(GM option)
Aggressor has street reputation -Karma Pool*
Target has Professional Rating -Rating
Target has 'ace in the hole' -2
Target is oblivious to danger -2
Target is intoxicated -1
Target doesn't think aggressor "would try something so stupid" -1
Target has superhuman advantages Negate bonus +
Target's Charisma 5-6 -1
Target's Charisma 7+ -2

* This does not apply currently on Denver Shadowrun MU*. Consult instead with the +rep system and any changes forthcoming.

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