Skill Ratings

Skill Ratings and Meanings*

Active Skills

Rating Title Text Example
1 Introduced You know the very basics of the skill. You can usually manage to accomplish a basic task without help, but you don't know why you are doing it or what to do if something goes wrong. You can load a pistol and fire at a target
2 Practiced You can accomplish the task with actual skill, and are beyond just moving beyond rote memorization. You can even skip a step! You can load and fire a pistol without having to talk through the steps in your head. You even know how to skip a step or improvise if something goes wrong.
3 Professional Congratulations! You are average! You can accomplish the task in the most basic ways, as if it were a job. You are crisper and cleaner when working with your sidearm. You know how far it will shoot, how fast, and how not to blow your head off with it.
4 Skilled You are past worrying about HOW to do the action and can think of ways to improve yourself, how to make the actions better, how it all ties together. You are past worrying about the little in between steps of drawing and firing. You can concentrate on accuracy, on dealing with distractions, and on getting the most out of your weapon.
5 Professional You are fluid with use of your chosen skill, beyond what the day to day user might do. Your use of the skill is ingrained, innate. Your use of the pistol draws notice and perhaps envy from others as you can draw and fire like the gun is a part of you. You routinely can make shots that baffle basic users.
6 Innate Your use of the skill transcends the every day. You are quite capable of concentrating on the task and evaluating your performance at the same time, or accomplishing multiple goals. The skill is almost a reaction rather than a thought out process. Draw-aim-fire. Adjust. Repeat. Your speed and accuracy now exceed what is expected and you simply react with the weapon like you would your own hand.
7 Expert The skill defines you; people tend to refer to you by your skill at times. The use of the skill is much like breathing to you; you simply do it without thinking or having to work through the steps. Do you fire the gun or does it fire itself? Mind, body, and weapon move in perfect concert.
8+ World Class You are refining the skill every time you perform it. You are considered a master by those who evaluate such things, an artist, a legend. You are a legend on the streets, the proverbial master of the gun. You routinely have to dodge challenges. Your name is associated with the gun.


1 Basic Facts You know some facts and a lot of bullshit. You read an article once on a bathroom wall. You heard that genetics was good, but some people think it is bad.
2 Interested You've read more than Wikipedia and People Magazine. You've done actual research on a topic and maybe even that documentary. You know why they are interested in genetics and what they are cloning. You've even broken out the dictionary to learn a few new words.
3 Dedicated You've started following news groups and reading up on multiple sources in your spare time. You may have even taken in a seminar or a conference. You've started looking through actual scientific sources and consulting journals thick with jargon. Your spare time is spent watching sims on recombinant DNA.
4 Well-Rounded You're not just reading on the topic, you may have enrolled in classes or even broadened your horizons to take in related fields. Far more than a hobby, this field is starting to take up more of your free time. Through reading up on genetics you've found that religious, corporate, and governments are all interested in this as well. You've started checking up on them to understand why. You've even started learning related fields of medicine and technology.
5 Educated You know more than you don't about the topic. You can discern fact from fiction and and determine what trends are accurate and what are crap. You are skilled in parallel topics as well. You are a wellspring of information on genetics, and inaccurate stories make your blood boil. You'd dispute them, but there is so much more to learn and to keep up with!
6 Mastered You've managed to learn about all you can on the topic, and now you are looking past what is going on and into the future applications, on advances and new sub-topics. Cloning is all but a closed book to you as you know the whos, whats, and whys of the topic. More importantly, you are concerned with cutting edge research and corporate projects, your mind already looking years into the future.
7 Expert This topic is as simple as the alphabet is to a child. You're beyond just knowing about the subject; you keep up with the other experts in the field, trade correspondence with Top People and know about secret projects that others can't even dream of. Cloning isn't a hobby or a side project; it consumes your every waking hour with cutting edge projects and obscure journal entries. You cannot imagine life without keeping up with this sort of thing; your work or marriage may suffer.
8+ Genius You are regarded as the go-to source by friends and foes alike on the topic. You could be a target for extraction as your knowledge, both practical and theoretical, is nearly unsurpassed. You think creatively on the subject and your words carry weight in many circles. When people talk about genetics, they refer to your work!

*NOTE: Many of the references of 'your work' or 'your name' being talked about above link to your reputation and any work you may do, thesis work and so on. If you are very clandestine with your studies and/or skills, your name might not be legendary, though some PCs and NPCs will still know about you due to your interest and possible study in the field. The higher your skill rating, the more likely /someone/ will notice the waves you make.

NOTE 2!: This rating above is your BASE rating. The extra dice provided from ware and other sources do not change the BASE rate unless they specifically note that they do.

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