Sins And Sin Checks


When making a legal purchase, you have to attach a SIN number to the item. This shall be noted on the voucher by the GM that handles the equipment queue for you.

If you are using a Real SIN no test is needed, but you better take good care of the gear, because if its used on a crime, that's evidence against you. If buying legally with a fake SIN, a test shall be done following the table below:

Value Credstick Check Rating
1-5,000 =Y= 2
5,001 - 20,000 =Y= 4
20,001 - 200,000 =Y= 6
200,001 - 500,000 =Y= 8
500,001 =Y= + 10

Credstick Check

First the player tests his SIN rating against a TN equal to the Credstick Check Rating, then he does the return test. Using an amount of dice equal to the check rating agsint a TN equal to his SIN rating.

Net Successes for the store Result
0-2 Credstick accepted.
3-5 Second test required, check rating is stepped up once.
6 Credstick identified as false. SIN marked as criminal, purchase canceled and no refund is offered.

Background Checks

Rating Cost Notes
1 1 Furniture and electronics stores, restaurant reservations, car rental agencies, or renting a standard Middle lifestyle apartment.
2 5 Low-grade security spot check, checking in to a resort hotel or casino, hiring a limousine, getting a standard High lifestyle apartment.
3 10 Standard Lone Star/Knight Errant ID spot check. Buying a cheap automobile.
4 20 Typical low-grade security firm arrest and booking. Buying a middle-class automobile. Getting a drivers license. Takes 1d6 minutes.
5 50 Typical Lone Star/Knight Errant arrest and booking; getting a Luxury lifestyle apartment. Takes 1d6 minutes.
6 100 Getting a passport. Buying a luxury automobile. Takes 2d6 minutes.
7 200 Often used in arrest and booking for flashy or unusual crimes, like people trying to knock over a corporate facility or being picked up dressed in military armor and carrying heavy weapons. Takes 2d6 minutes.
8 500 Takes 3d6 minutes.
9 1000 Takes 3d6 minutes.
10+ 10,000+ This level of electronic credit checking is basically mythical; this kind of nuyen expenditure starts to get into matters of real detective work instead of electronic cross-checking.
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