Sensing is a technique that makes the initiate sensitive to fluctuations in the mana field, able to sense variations in the astral terrain, often at great distances, without the need for Astral Perception.

The initiate can detect any astral terrain or mana fluctuations like background count, astral rifts, mana lines, mana storms, mana surges, mana warps, alchera, astral shallows and so forth at a base distance of Grade times 500 meters. Multiply the base distance by the phenomina rating (if any) to determine how far away the character might detect it.

Sensing requires a Simple Action. The Target Number is 4, modified by anything that affects normal astral perception tests (like background count) but not visual modifiers. Roll dice equal to Intelligence plus Grade, with the number of successes indicating the level of information acquired.

An initiate with this ability can maintain sensing to track or monitor a situation, imposing a +2 penalty to any action, just as if they were sustaining a spell. At the gamemaster's discretion, an initiate with Sensing may automatically detect sudden shifts in the astral terrain without even trying.

Note that Sensing cannot be used to detect spells, wards, foci, spirits, astrally projecting magicians and so forth: it can only detect changes within the mana field and astral terrain itself.

Sensing Table
Successes Information Gained
0 No Information
1-2 General distance and location of any phenomena within range. Example: an astral rift 250 meters away to the north, a background count one kilometer away to the SE.
3-4 Distance and Direction of detectable phenomena within range and whether it is weak (less than initiate's Magic Rating), moderate (equal to) or strong (greater than). The initiate can also tell something about the phenomena by how far away he can detect it.
5+ All of the above plus the exact rating and general effects or aspects (if any)
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