Security Codes

Security Codes

All data taken from New Seattle.

AAA Rating

AAA Rating areas are the highest security around. It usually exists in Luxury and High lifestyle areas as well as those areas where someone is willing to pay the tab for better security. What to expect?

  • Working PanicButton booths
  • Patrols on foot and in vehicle
  • Astral security patrols using magicians and spirits
  • Security Drones
  • Security riggers monitoring cameras and alarms

Security in a AAA zone is always the finest with the most duty hours logged, and being allowed to work in a AAA zone is considered an ultimate promotion, and NO ONE wants to be demoted for screwing up.

Response to the most minor crime is usually instant, and security is reluctant to leave any crime unsolved regardless of the costs involved to solve it. If solving the case means that in the end they bring in someone to take a fall, then that is what they do. Crime is not allowed to succeed here.

AA Rating

AA Rating areas are usually High Lifestyle areas and businesses that want 24 hour security but don't want to pay for active deterrents. What to expect?

  • Patrols are 24 hours but not as frequent in nature.
  • Standard officers respond, calling in specialists as needed.
  • Response is blisteringly prompt, unless there is an AAA problem

Work here is considered a promotion as well, so investigations are very prompt and inclusive.

A Rating

A Rating is where most if not all of the major points in the city fall, and many of the Middle Lifestyle areas. Expect regular officers here, and while the security is excellent, it is very much on a call-and-respond system. There are ample PanicButton booths, neighborhood watches and other security measures in place. While these measures are helpful, they do result in some false alarms

B Rating

B Rating is usually for areas with mostly commercial properties instead of residential. As such, they are "High Criminal Target Areas" (Where runners like to hit), and therefore the standard for KE and LS is to send 4 officers with a mage and/or elite officers on standby.

C and D Rating

C and D Rating is the Low Lifestyle versions of A and B Rating security, with C for residential and D for commercial areas. Infrequent patrols and disabled PanicButtons mean that there is less proactive control of crime, and instead they have to react to the problem. Additionally, citizens are less likely to be receptive to officers, creating a poor relationship. Many officers begin their training in such areas, and often try as hard as they can to get promoted as soon as possible.

Except for undercover operations, the standard for KE and LS is to send in six to eight officers in full armor along with a Citymaster, two patrol cars, and a combat mage. Drones often replace officers to keep down injuries.

E Rating

E Rating areas are slums and fall under the Squatter and Street Lifestyles. People may live there, but they aren't 'real' people, so why make an effort? Lone Star and KE do not assign patrols to these areas and only respond to SINned citizens who call in complaints or if the violence is about to overrun the area and into 'important' areas. Response is usually two Citymasters with 12 to 15 officers in heavy armor, one combat rigger per vehicle, and at least two combat mages led by an elite officer.

Z Rating or Zero Zone

Z Rating, or Z Zones, are states of anarchy and the law enforcement agencies will only enter these areas in direct pursuit of an investigation, and when they do so they are geared up for war. The standard minimum force would be along the lines of 3 rigger-driven Citymasters with 25-30 officers in heavy full armor, air support via choppers or VTOLS, extra riggers for drone coverage, and at least 3 combat mages, and three to five elite officers. Z-Zone are considered hazardous duty, and officers get triple pay as well as a week off afterwards.

Security Template

Response Time (In Initiative Phases, rounded down)
Effect AAA AA A B C D E Z
Aware of Problem Instant d6/3 d6 d6 d6x2 d6x2 d6x3 NA
First Response 1 or 2 d6/3 d6 d6 d6x3 NA NA NA
Second Response 1 or 2 d6/3 d6 d6 NA NA NA NA
Patrol Arrives 2 d6/3 d6/2 d6/2 d6 d6 NA NA
Reinforcements 1 d6 d6 d6 d6+2 d6+4 d6+6 d6x3 NA
Reinforcements 2 2 2 2 4 6 6 8 NA
Continuing Response 3 3 3 3 6 6 8 NA


Aware of Problem: In AAA, AA, or A areas law enforcement is alerted by the first shot, explosion, call for help, or activation of PanicButton. In B and C, this happens if a cannon or Full Auto weapon is fired, along with rockets, missiles, explosions, etc, calls to the station, PanicButtons and so on. D requires a call, PanicButton, explosion or rocket/missile. E requires repeated cannon, missile/rocket, etc and any call into the station requires a valid SIN to provoke any action. No one cares about Z Zones.

First Response: Always an astral mage/spirit. In AAA and AA areas, a security rigger will be reviewing the camera, although it may be less on AA areas.

Second Response: Spotter drones and alerting patrols/officers in the area.

Patrol Arrives: One vehicle with two officers in AAA, AA, and A areas with another every 2 initiative passes until HQ calls them off. In B, it is 2 cars, and the above information applies to the other areas.

Reinforcements 1: Citymaster with six armed and armoured officers, combat rigger, combat mage.

Reinforcements 2: Air support via armed and armored drone and VTOLS.

Continuing Response: Either 1 or 2, depending on the situation and GM.

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