Searching The Matrix

Type of Search Target Number Base Time* Base Cost (per hour in nuyen)
Simple 4 1d6 hours 0
Standard 5 2d6 hours 10
Detailed 8 1d6/2 days 25

* If the character is using a cyberterminal with Response Increase 1 or less, multiply this time by 2. If the character is using Tortoise mode, multiply it by 3.

Search Results Table

Successes Search Results
1 General info (not quite what the character was looking for, but at least a lead for another search)
2 The basic data the character wanted.
3 More details, perhaps including a new lead.
4 The full details, plus another lead or two.
5+ All the juicy bits the character wanted to know, plus some that he didn't.
Situation TN Modifier
Character has appropriate Knowledge skill of 3-5 -1
Character has appropriate Knowledge skill of 6+ -2
Character keeps a low profile while searching +2
Character conducting more than 1 search at a time +1 per extra search
Computer Used
Character using terminal mode +2 (base time x 2)
Character using Cold ASIST +1
Character has Matrix Init of +4d6 or more -1
Search Area
Specific + database search mod
General Matrix +0
Specific Search Area
Character has Browse utility of 6+ -1
General Matrix Search
Character has appropriate database/data haven contact -2
Character has Etiquette (Matrix) of 5+ -1
Search confined to one grid +0
Search requires use of more than 1 grid +1 per grid
Search Assistance
Dumb Frame -1
Smart Frame -2
Agent -3
Frame or Agent with Browse 6+ -1
Smart Frame or Agent with core of 6+ -1
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