Scanning For Channels

There will come occasions when you need to scan for radio channels, whether it be to tell if police are on the way to your location or to see if your target's security personnel is currently chatting about the hot secretary that just got hired. To do any of that, you'll need a Scanner.

A scanner1 is merely a radio receiver which contains the proper electronics to scan through a specific set of frequencies or scan through broad sections of the radio frequency spectrum. Scanners are useful for finding out what your enemy's thinking. Where his troops are. What they are doing. It helps you profile them as well, do they allow pee breaks on demand or do they call in first to be relief? Do they spend a lot of time chattering over the radio? Or do the practice limited use discipline?

How to Use Them?

  • Standard Test
    • Use a number of dice equal to the scanner's rating
      • You may use the Electronic Warfare skill as complementary dice2
    • TN is equal to the transmitting device's rating + 3
    • Base time is 30 minutes.

Test Results

  • Each success will locate a single channel
  • Additional successes can be used to locate additional channels or to reduce the base time.

Note - If the enemy is smart enough to encrypt their communications you locate the channel but still need to decrypt it before it is intelligible.

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