Sals Coffin Motel

Sal's Coffin Motel

Just a place to sleep, not enough room to even roll over. This coffin motel is the sort of place that businessmen visiting town or those on the lamb might duck into for a quick night's sleep. Not really the sort of place that one calls 'home', but rather a home away from home. Bug Free since 2063!

Owner: Sal Bufonte, A French Creole Big Black Homo-Sapien-Ingentis (Strong Racial Bias against Amerindian's).

Sals Coffin Motel
Low-end Low Lifestyle
If you like living in a coffin, a rectangle about 1 meter across, one meter tall by 3 meters deep, then this is the place for you. You get just enough room to lay down, maybe have a few bags. Very little privacy, with no amenities. Showers and laundry facilities are all shared. On the plus side, this isn't in the warrens.

Name Sal's Coffin Motel
Location CAS Sector
+poof ah/1 (Sals)
Lifestyle Low
Rent Per Month 1,500 (50/night)
Rooms 1
SIN Required No


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