Karma rollover will be granted for existing players with an already-approved PC who are creating a new PC on the game. The amounts are as follows:

  • The base karma rollover percentage will be fifteen percent (15%) of your existing character's total karma points, up to a maximum of fifty (50) rolled over karma points added to your new character sheet. Above that maximum, ten (10%) percent of your remaining total karma points will be rolled over.

Admins may adjust this percentage upward based on several factors. In general, if your character is killed, it will depend on the circumstances of his/her death. If your character died doing something horrendously boneheaded after being warned about it, then potentially no rollover might be granted. If your character died heroically while saving the mission, willingly sacrificing herself for the good of others, then the percentage might go as high as fifty percent, with a larger cap.

In general, voluntarily retired PCs will receiving either the standard award described above or their total unspent karma up to 50 karma total, at admin discretion, unless extenuating circumstances prevail. In addition, intentionally killing your character, even if your death is heroic, will count as voluntary retirement.

Retirement is permanent. If the flag gets set on the character, for whatever reason, it is going to stay. Whatever the reason you chose to retire, your character is now out of action.


Rollover karma may be spent prior to first going IC or as per normal. If spent before final approval, it can be used to increase skills and attributes and the like without justification or wait time.

Karma Rollover is subject to the following restrictions.

1. It may not be used to initiate or to purchase power points in CG. In fact, initiation is never allowed at chargen.

2. It may not be used to learn additional spells unless the character purchases the spell formulas using standard acquisition channels.

3. Full rollover of unspent karma will primarily be allowed within the first six (6) months of a character's lifespan. Only voluntarily retired characters qualify for this option.

4. Rollover karma can be used to initiate after one has left CG and been approved to play on the grid. However, they will need justification for the initiation.

Gear Rollover

When we talk of 'gear rollover', we are talking of other players getting their mitts on your gear after your death. This policy is much like the retirement policy. Your PC is dead. You cannot make decisions on who gets what. You cannot allocate gear or funds post-death.

Gear that is on your body may be taken off of you as part of the scene involving your death. Gear that is elsewhere is lost for whatever reason. If people have paid you money for a service (such as buying gear for them) and you can't do that now that you're dead, tough. Next time, they should go with a fixer that's not going to get himself killed. If you have sent some of your things out to be worked on, that gear stays with them and they get to keep it.

The major exception to this is if you have previously made arrangements for things to be done after your death (such as in a PCnote), those arrangements may be carried out. For example, you may have arranged things for outstanding gear to be delivered by your fixer, or for your fixer to hire assassins to find who you killed and do so with money reserved for that purpose. In any case, staff will determine whether or not those arrangements will actually be carried out, based on such things as your relationship with the contact, the contact level, the severity of the request, money involved, and other such factors.

Staff may also waive other things purely at their discretion, such as letting other PCs who were rooming with you to remain in your apartment until the lease runs out, or potentially refunding money that they paid you to acquire gear for them.

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