Practically No Risk Activities

The cops and gangers could give a crap about this sort of thing. It's cutting into their Miller time. It's not really worth their time to look into every little tiny thing that happens. At this level, they'll try to look like they're doing their job, act real concerned, write out a report, but they won't do any real investigation. At all.

  • Petty thefts (150 =Y= or less)
  • Carrying a light pistol in an A rating security zone
  • Carrying a submachine gun in the sprawl
  • Roughing someone up in the sprawl

Low Risk Activities

The cops ask around a bit at this stage, but other than that, they don't really make a serious effort to deter this level of crime. They know it happens, but there's too much of it for them to make a real dent in it.

  • Minor thefts (50k =Y= or less)
  • Carrying illegal items(1) in an A rating security zone
  • Killing someone in the sprawl
  • Causing small amounts of property damage (0-50k =Y=)

Medium Risk Activities

The cops do a serious investigation at this point, but don't bother to call in any of their special resources, like mages or DNA testing in the forensics lab. They do have contacts on the street and snitches in the shadow community they'll ask around, so it's best to keep a low profile if you've been doing this kind of stuff.

  • Large Thefts (50k-400k =Y=)
  • Carrying illegal items(2) in the sprawl
  • Causing moderate amounts of property damage (50k-1000k =Y=)
  • Lobbing explosives around in the sprawl
  • Roughing up someone in an A rating security zone

High Risk Activities

At this level, the cops really take things seriously and do a thorough investigation. They'll do things like go over carpeting with a comb to find hair they can use for DNA tests, or enhancing video footage from the eatery across the street. You might want to spring for a face change and a new identity at this point.

  • Incredible heists (400k+ =Y=)
  • Causing vast amounts of property damage (1000k+ =Y=)
  • Killing someone in an A rating security zone
  • Carrying illegal items(2) in an A rating security zone
  • Messing with Organized Crime
  • Using explosives in an A rating security zone

Oh-My-God Risk Activities

Fuck the cops, this drek gets people like the FRT and SWAT teams called on you. They will spare no expense to stop the immediate threat, leave no shadowy stone unturned in the investigation, will do DNA tests on every little fragment they can find and then find those people to grill. They'll do ritual sorcery on blood samples at the scene to try and find you. You are likely going to be screwed - the cops don't mess around at this stage.

  • Blowing a building up
  • Mass murders
  • Stealing nuclear or biological materials
  • Killing political figures
  • Murdering people on-camera and having it be broadcast
  • Killing a cop

Item Notes

  • Illegal Items(1): Items that are illegal, but not overly obviously so. Police or ganger will likely stop you and ask a few questions about your permits/intentions. Deactivated foci, concealable SMGs and heavy pistols.
  • Illegal Items(2): Items that are pretty god-damn obviously illegal. These won't get you arrested in the sprawl, but they may well get you shot by opportunistic or fearful gangers. Gangers react less frequently than cops because they're afraid of this sort of thing. Cops call for backup. Activated, high-force foci. Assault rifles slung over the shoulder. Waving a katana around yelling at people.
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