Rigger Quick Resolution

Basic Rules

(A) Under these rules, each character rolls initiative as per normal. The following actions, however, are only available for drivers or pilots, rigged or otherwise.

(B) Only one of these actions may be taken per Combat Turn, and require a Complex Action to accomplish.

(C) Each action is resolved with a Vehicle Skill (Handling) Success Contest, with the appropriate modifiers from the Vehicle Combat Quick Resolution Table.

(D) Control Pool may be used on these Tests.


Flee: An attempt to create distance between the vehicles and/or put obstacles between themselves and a pursuing vehicle. A target is chosen to flee from. The Fleeing driver and the target driver each make a Vehicle Skill (Handling) Test. If the fleeing driver succeeds, he is immune from any attacks or ramming from the target vehicle or the occupants therein. The fleeing driver may attempt to flee from more than one vehicle; however, this incurs a +2 modifier for each additional target to the Test. The driver successfully flees from any target he scores more successes than (and yes, it is possible to evade some and not others.) Although the driver may successfully flee, he is not out of the combat yet. Next turn he may attempt to Escape.

Pursue: Drivers can attempt to pursue a vehicle that has fled from them. Pick a target vehicle, and both make a Vehicle Skill (Handling) Test. If the pursuing vehicle scores more successes, he moves back into pursuit position. From here, the vehicle (or characters within the vehicle) can attack the pursued vehicle, or a ramming attempt may be made.

Position: A driver can make the Position manuever to set themselves up for another maneuver next turn. A target vehicle must be chosen to position against. Both drivers make a Vehicle Skill (Handling) Test, and if the positioning driver scores more successes, he is at a -2 TN modifier for any tests made against the target vehicle until the end of the next Combat Turn.

Ram: A driver may attempt to ram a target vehicle. Each driver makes a Vehicle Skill (Handling) Test, and if the ramming driver scores more successes, he rams the target. The rammed vehicle takes Ramming Vehicle BodyM damage; every two successes from the Ram Test stage the damage one Damage Level. The ramming vehicle takes Ramming Vehicle BodyL damage. In addition, each driver must make a Vehicle Skill (Handling) Test to avoid crashing; the ramming driver receives a -2 TN modifier to this test. Crashing vehicles take Barrier RatingM damage, depending on what they hit (the gamemaster will decide) and come to a complete stop.

Escape: A driver who has previously executed a Flee manuever and has not been caught up to for one full Combat Turn (that is, the target has not successfully executed a Pursue maneuver) may attempt to escape from the target entirely and leave the combat. Both drivers must make a Vehicle Skill (Handling) Test, with the escaping driver enjoying a -2 TN modifier for this test. If the escaping driver scores more successes, he has left the combat and is no longer able to be pursued.

Vehicle Combat Quick Resolution Table

All maneuvers require a Vehicle Skill (Handling) Success Contest

Possible Maneuvers: Flee, Pursue, Position, Ram, Escape

Quick Resolution Table
Situation Modifiers
Drivers Rigged - VCR Rating
Opposing Car has higher speed +1
Opposing Car has lower speed -1
Driver succeeded in Position maneuver vs. target -2
Flee Maneuvers Only
Each additional target vehicle +2
Escape Maneuvers Only
Escapee -2
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