Rigger CCSS

Riggers and Close-Circuit Simsense Systems

Rigger Perception Tests in CCSS

Trigger Condition Target Number
Security Door/gate/window opened or closed 6
Successful Maglock Tampering 6 + Successes achieved
Security Device Destroyed 4
Security Device Carefully Deactivated 8
System on Alert -2

Vigilance Code Criteria Table

Level Number of Successes Description
Blue 1 Low Vigilance. A corporate rigger from the motor pool doubles as a security rigger on an 'on call' basis only. Drones and defensive systems use non-lethal weapons and ammo.
Green 2 Moderate Vigilance. The company employs a dedicated security rigger, but he only works on an on call basis. Use of deadly force by drones and automated security systems is authorized only during a state of alert called by a metahuman guard.
Orange 3 High Vigilance. Full time security riggers are jacked into the network 24 hours a day. The system is authorized to use deadly force even if there is no active alert. All network communications are encrypted.
Red 4 Maximum Vigilance. Security system and personnel are on constant active alert. All network communications are encrypted.

Accessing a Security System

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