Retiring a PC is done when you are looking to play a new character and are giving up an old one. To retire a PC, note which PC you are retiring in the last slot of your new character's background.

When you retire a PC, you are turning them into an NPC and giving them up to staff. You no longer have any control over them. You cannot make decisions for them. You cannot allocate gear, funds, or services from them. Staff may ask you questions about their background, their personality or resources, but staff's decisions on their behavior is final. They may even end up being killed as part of plots without any consent issues. They are NPCs, with all that entails.

Other PCs who have been actively role playing with a retiring PC may take them as a contact at a cost of 10,000 nuyen, as if they were buying a new contact. No roll is needed, and the new contact is at level 1. Depending on how powerful the PC is when they retired, they may fall under the rules listed in +hr gen contacts3.

PCs that have been retired will not be allowed to be rechargenned and played again. For more information, see Rollover for additional information on this topic.

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