Republic Of Quebec

Republic of Quebec

Republic of Quebec
Population 10,467,000
SINless Population (est.) 18%
Per Capita Income 21,000 =Y=
Below Poverty Level 36%
Megacorporate Affiliation 29%
Less than 12 years 20%
GED 45%
4 year degree 28%
Masters or higher 7%
Major Language French (77%)
Currency New Franc (1f = .5 =Y=)
Capital Quebec City

The Republic of Quebec was once a voluntarily isolated nation, driven by the fact that in 2010 the only legal business language was French. This caused an exodus of not only non-French speaking peoples, but businesses as well. From its inception, Anglophones (non-French) were treated as second-class, something that only now begins to fade as the Democrates Mondains have gained majority in the government. Now, slowly but surely the self-imposed isolationism has been replaced by opened borders, as the Republic of Quebec moves to reestablish its international power and stability.

During its time of isolation, only one megacorporation was able to thrive in Quebec: Cross Applied Technologies Corporation (CATCo). Gaining extraterritorial status as recently as the 2050s, CATCo's influence in all things Quebec has been compared to Aztechnology's influence in Aztlan. CATCo and the other megacorporations operate out of leased 'Enterprise Zones' within Quebec City and Montreal, much-sought-after extraterritorial urban properties that are limited to 30 in the entire nation. Much of the industry in the Republic stems from cyernetic electronics companies and a newly thriving entertainment industry.

With its borders newly reopened, the Republic of Quebec has found the other nations eager to deal with it. Trade restrictions and tariffs have been removed or lowered through deals brokered with the UCAS, and an information and technology deal with Tir Tairngire is in its infancy. Some tension has begun within Quebec, however, with the growing influence and presence of Ares, a chief rival to CATCo.

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