Reflecting is a metamagic that allows an Initiate to rebound a spell back on a caster.

Similar to spell defense, this ability allows a mage to portion off Sorcery and Spell Pool dice to reflect with the same limitations. When targeted by a spell, the person so protected may choose to use reflecting.

Reflecting dice are rolled against a Target Number equal to the Force of the spell and counter the enemy's successes just as spell defense does. However, if the defender gets more successes the spell is rebounded and attacks the attacking mage at the same Force. The reflecting mage's net successes are used as spellcasting dice and a Spellcasting Test is made for the reflected spell. Extra successes in this test increase the spell's effect as normal.

Against an area effect spell, reflecting only protects those who have reflecting dice allocated to them. Those without will be affected normally. If an area effect spell is reflected, it only affects the mage in question, not everyone around him. Area Elemental attacks are the exception to this rule; if any target of such successfully reflects it, the whole thing rebounds and detonates with the enemy caster at ground zero.

A mage hit with a reflected spell may use spell defense or Shielding to defend themselves, and if they know reflecting they may attempt to reflect the spell back.

Spells cast through ritual sorcery can be reflected, and if successful the spell affects all members of the casting circle equally.

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