Red Rock Diner
Name Red Rock Diner
Location CAS Sector
+poof br/6
Theme Diner

Red Rock Diner

This diner is literally a throwback to a more innocent century. Built in the 1950s by the Starlite Corporation, it's done in the old, classic railroad dining car style. Portions of the stainless steel exterior have seen better days, a few signs of wear and tear apparent in the tiny rust marks around some rivets and joins, but on the whole it's remarkably well preserved. Horizontal red porcelain stripes beneath the windows match the red lettering on the large, lighted sign that reads simply, "Red Rock Diner". The domed stainless steel roof glitters in the daylight and gleams in the lights of the city at night, and the total lack of graffiti anywhere indicates regular maintenance. The sidewalk out front is cracked, but regularly swept. On the whole, the place has a homey, clean but not at all snooty look to it.

This diner has recently reopened, having been closed for some 6 months for "remodeling". It's located in a lower-middle class neighborhood, and caters mostly to blue-collar wageslaves. The management is rumored to be slightly anti-Amerind.

The diner itself was located in Carbondale, Colorado until the Treaty of Denver formed the Native American Nations; local lore has it that the owners had the whole diner picked up and moved to the Denver FTZ rather than live under "Injun" rule. It's a homey and comfortable place, clean but not snooty, with good solid food for reasonable prices. Not too nosy either, if they can't see your gun and you don't start trouble with it, they don't care what you're packing.

>>>>> [ Good ambience, good food, and while actual security may seem a bit on the light side, a surprising number of heavy hitters like the place, and none of the gangs in the area want a repeat of what happened the last time some punk tried to pull a gun on Vera and then run off with the till… ] <<<<<
— Eastwood 3:16 (13:42:11/03-09-70)

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