Here at Shadowrun: Denver, we, the Administration Staff, try not to be intrusive into people's role-playing or private lives. We try to administer the game and let you play as you see fit, within certain bounds.

Logs/Plots involving the depiction of rape, in any way shape or form, are disallowed on Shadowrun: Denver. If you turn in a Log/Run/Plot that includes any depiction of rape karma will be removed from you PC's Sheet and you may experience a jail stay. Genital torture, statutory rape, the penetrating of any orifice that isn't a nose or ear with phallic object, feeling up an unconscious person leaving someone tied up naked in the sprawl — these all fall within the boundaries of rape on Shadowrun: Denver.

Rape is not allowed on the open grid and public areas. If you feel the need to RP rape it needs to be done in private as not to disturb the other players here.

The *threat* of rape *is* allowed as a plot device. But just like any other consent situation, IC events will occur so as to conform to the OOC reality of the consent situation. A last-minute rescuer, the guy can't manage to go through with it, the cops show up, whatever. Note that ICly, rape *does* exist and the threat of it is ICly very real. This policy shouldn't affect your IC actions; instead, it just just affect what the players are willing to witness and deal with.

Rape is *always* a consent situation. It is impossible to autoconsent to your character being raped. A staff member cannot cause your character to be raped if you are against it. Nobody can force you to deal with it as your character. Further, even if you consent to it happening, nobody can force you to roleplay it out explicitly. You always have the option to fade-to-black. In addition, you have the right to non-consent it, and this applies to GM's running scenes refusing to deal with it happening to their NPC's.

Any violation of this policy will result in jail time and a karma dock at the discretion of the Admin.

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