Ranged Combat Modifiers
Situation Modifier
Recoil, Semi-Automatic +1 for second shot that Phase
Recoil, Burst Fire +3 per burst that Phase
Recoil, Full Auto +1 per round fired that Phase
Recoil, Heavy Weapon 2 x uncompensated recoil
Blind Fire +8
Partial Cover +4
Visibility Impaired See Visibility Table
Multiple Targets +2 per additional target that Phase
Target Running +2
Target Stationary -1
Attacker in Melee Combat +2 per opponent
Attacker Running +4
Attacker Running (difficult ground) +6
Attacker Walking +1
Attacker Walking (difficult ground) +2
Attacker Wounded Light +1; Moderate +2; Serious +3
Smartlink (with smartgun) -2
Smart Goggles/Glasses (with smartgun) -1
Laser Sight -1 (does not stack with smartlink)
Using a second firearm +2 for each weapon
Aimed Shot -1 per Simple Action (Limited to -(skill / 2))
Called Shot +4
Image Magnification Reduces range category by rating
Range Finder -1 Long, -2 Extreme, incompatable with Image Magnification
Recoil Compensation Reduces recoil by rating
Gyro Stabilization Reduces recoil or movement modifiers by rating
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