Ranged Combat

Attack [SR3 p113]: Roll: Skill (e.g. Pistols) + Combat Pool (maximum of skill)
TN: Based upon range and modifiers

Dodge [SR3 p113]: Roll: Combat Pool only (no limit)
TN: 4 +1 per three bullets in burst if fired in BF or FA mode

If Dodge successes exceed attack successes the shot cleanly misses the target.

Resist Damage [SR3 p113]: Roll: Body + Combat Pool (no limit)
TN: Power of weapon less Armour rating (minimum of 2)

Compare Attack successes against Dodge plus Damage Resistance successes.
Every 2 net successes in favour of the attacker stage damage up a level (L > M > S > D)
Every 2 net successes in favour of the defender stage damage down a level (D > S > M > L > Nothing)
Tie and weapon just does base damage.

Knockdown [SR3 p124]: When struck, the character must make a Body test. Against ranged attacks, the TN is the half the power of the attack, unless attacker is using Gel rounds which is then full power. Two factors determine the success of the test. The number of successes rolled and how damaged the character is.

No successes: Knocked prone.
Successes less than the wound level requirement: Remain Standing but move back 1 meter from direction of attack. For example: Moderate wound needs 3 successes on Body Test to remain standing. 1-2 successes stagger 1 meter from the attack, if unable to move (such as up against a wall), fight at +2 modifier until able to move.
Deadly wound is always knocked down.

Wound Level Successes Needed Not To Get Knocked Down
Light 2
Moderate 3
Serious 4
Deadly N/A

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