Quickness Based Skills

Quickness Based Skills


Each character is either right or left handed, but the Ambidexterity Skill reflects how well the character is able to use his opposite, or 'off hand'. It can help reduce TN modifiers for using two ranged weapons.

Assault Rifles

The Assault Rifles Skill covers how well a character is able to use these larger, ranged weapons that often possess the capability for multiple rates of fire.
Specializations: By specific weapon


The Blowgun Skill tells of how well a character is able to fire darts through the long, narrow tube that makes up the weapon. People not possessing the skill have sometimes been known to inhale and swallow the small projectiles.

Gyrojet Pistols

The Gyrojet Pistols Skill encompasses the use of the weapon that is popular with the British Boat Squadron. The weapon can be used underwater or above water, firing miniature rockets.

Laser Weapons

The Laser Weapons Skill covers the use of those weapons that use concentrated beams of light to burn and damage their target. These weapons often will require a somewhat bulky energy source, and have reduced effectiveness over range and in smoke or fog filled areas.
Specializations: By specific weapon

Oral Guns

The Oral Guns Skill covers the use of these cyber weapons that are often housed in the roof of the mouth and are mostly effective for surprising opponents.


The Pistols Skill involves the usage of all small, hand-held firearms that are often semi-automatic. This includes heavy, light, hold out and taser weapons.
Specializations: By specific weapon


Possessing the Rifles Skill reflects how adept a character is in using larger weapons of the sporting or sniper variety. These weapons are usually effective at longer ranges, and harder to use in close quarters.
Specializations: By specific weapon


The Shotguns Skill covers the use of all shotgun weapons, whether they use hard projectiles (slugs) or the shot rounds that spread when fired.
Specializations: By specific weapon


The Stealth Skill is a wide skill that covers everything from quiet, sneaky movement to hiding in crowds or using camouflage and theft. Hiding and sneaking involves Open Tests, where as the highest number rolled is the TN for a Perception Test to see if you're noticed. The Alertness specialization also helps you to notice others' stealthy acts, as a Complementary Skill.
Specializations: Alertness, Hiding, Sneaking, Theft

Submachine Guns

The Submachine Guns Skill covers the usage of the lightweight hand-held weapons that are commonly a bit bigger than pistols, and capable of firing in Burst Fire Mode as well as semi-automatic fire.
Specializations: By specific weapon


The Whips Skill encompasses the use of the large, often rope-like weapons that make up the weapon type, as well as any objects that can be used as such. These weapons are long and thus can make the weapon both easier for you to use and harder for your opponent to evade.
Specializations: By specific weapon

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