Public Channel

The Public Channel

The Public channel is often a new player's first impression of the game. As such, we are asking players to try to moderate their content. Occasional profanity is fine, but really raunchy jokes, highly sexually explicit comments or discussions, and so forth ought to be moved to another channel. We are asking for your cooperation in this, and also ask that if somebody is offended and says so that you move the discussion. Refusing to do so may be grounds for review and action by staff. Because of its nature, nobody should have to type 'pub off' to avoid content that offends them.

The Public channel is never the place for insults. These violate MUSH policy in other ways, but it should be made clear that trading insults is not something that should occur on the channel. This is something that will be enforced, and we strongly urge those with comments to make that others will find insulting or degrading to move things to the Public Gone Wyld channel, which is unmonitored and uncensored in any way.

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