The following chart is a guide for using the Psychometry metamagic. At no time is Psychometry to be treated as 'movie into the past' or 'instant answers'. Psychometry takes time, effort and heavy emotional investment. It is the reading of emotions, not time.

Time Since Impression Formed Base Target Number
Less than 1 day 6
Less than 1 Month 8
Less than 1 year 10
1 Year or more 12
10 Years or more 14
Each Additional 10 years +2
Target Number Modifiers: Modifier
Subject is a place +1
Subject is Metal Object +1
Subject is bonded focus (-Force Rating)
Subject is person (+1D6)
Subject has strong connection to others in impression -2
Initiate has strong connection to others depicted in impression -2
Impression of violence or strong emotions -2
Impression of violent death -3
Chaotic or noisy surroundings +1
Subject carries more than one significant impression +1 for each
Astral signatures relation to impression has been erased +1
Cleansing metamagic has been used to remove impression +6
Each subsequent attempt after the first to read the same object +2
Successes Results
0 No Information
1 Brief flashes of insight, very superficial results, Chaos.
2 Longer sequences and deeper insights, though still disjointed
3 Better detail, more sensory types, clearer vision, more coherence
4+ Lengthy Sequences, more senses, clear visions, good information
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