Professionalism in the Sixth World

You hear a lot about this word in the shadow-community. What is it? In short, professionalism is what sets apart a Shadowrunner from a common criminal or a refugee from an asylum. It defines what is expected of a Shadowrunner, and what earns both respect and further work. Professional shadowrunners will be more likely to be hired for a particular job, get better deals from fixers, get paid more for runs, and in general be in better shape. Some runs may even have a minimum reputation rating to participate. So, it's important.

Professionalism involves doing the following:

  • Keeping your word. Of course, if you've been lied to, then all bets are off.
  • Putting forth your best effort to complete a job you've accepted, and being willing to take the necessary risks.
  • Using the necessary amount of force/firepower to complete a job, and no more. A sure mark of a newbie is overkill.
  • Avoiding 'unnecessary roughness'. Don't nuke the building after completing your mission objectives.
  • Standing for something. If you have a moral code of some kind, people perceive you as more reliable, because you can be trusted to abide by principles. Even if they don't agree with them, they'll view you as more professional.
  • Don't sell out your employers. This falls partially under 'keeping your word'. Well, sometimes you have to, because they've misled you. But typically, unless you get into it and find something that you were misled about, you're obligated by the rules of professionalism to do what you promised to do. Get the facts up front, if you're concerned.
  • Don't talk about business too openly. Some waffling on this is acceptable in the interests of facilitating roleplay, but still, remember that is a dangerous and highly illegal business you're in!
  • Never sell out a chummer. Guard each other's backs like allies at least until the run is over and the money is split. Geeking a chummer while on a run will result in a huge hit to your reputation. Word does get around.
  • If you're good, then you know it. And others know it. Posturing and bragging are sure signs of the wannabe.
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